Gang Warz Rules


In the year 2010, the world's economy was barely kept working, but as the years went by it only got worse. The lower class people were losing jobs and not being able to spend money to support it, and the upper class were afraid to lose their money and investing less. A few years later as the rest of the world fell to anarchy, the United States took the successful and skilled workers and brought them into secured mega cities. These Mega Cities flourished, but the rest of the country fell to ruin. There was no law or order outside the Mega Cities, soon crime lords and gangs popped up to seize control of the country.

This city is a main focus for several gangs; including the Mafia, Triads, Crypts, and Deadly Roses. It is also home of killers, hookers, pimps, drug dealers, rapists, and others that are just trying to find a place for themselves in this world of chaos. Also even other darker, and more mystical creatures that come out from the shadows.


*Owner- Berserker Blackheart

*Owner- Merenwen Nicholls

*GM- Jynx Lancaster

*GM- Luna Warcliffe

*GM- SarahNicholls Blackheart


  • No other groups are allowed in SIM or recruited for while here.


Leader- Berserker Blackheart
Info- Twisted street gang, reputation is their main focus.

*Deadly Roses:

Leader- Merenwen Nicholls
Info- Ghetto Street girl gang, proving themselves just as strong and hardcore as men is their main focus.


Leader- Jynx Lancaster
Info- Organized crime family, looking for money and power is their main focus.


Leader- Luna Warcliffe
Info- Organized crime family, who are cruel and look for control by using fear.


  • SIM RP Style: Gang Warz is a free form RP SIM, though we ask that players follow the theme of SIM. GMs are not here to tell players how to RP, or what kind of RPs to do. The story of Gang Warz is written by you, the player, as all your RPs mix together as a community.
  • Active SIM-wide RP: Even though the SIM is free form, we all know there are times when we do not feel like getting into big RPs or just not sure what to do. In most RP SIMs, this is when players camp and just go OOC with their friends. To avoid this, we came up with an Active on going SIM-wide RP that will get people going like a jump-start. Though no player is forced to take part, it does help new players jump in to the RP and to always have something to do for the veterans.

In each of the four corners of the SIM, there are scripted gang "tags". When a player gets within 2m of the "tag", it will start a timer and read the name of the player. This is where "Gang Warz" comes in, as XP will be handed out to the entire Gang based on how long and how many 'tags" they control at the end of each week. There are four "tags", and four Gangs. However, the Gang with the most players, best fighters, and most active players will probably have more then one. It is a good old turf war, and each player can help their Gang build their rep. as the big shots of the Slums.

  • Role-play Meeting Event: Every Tuesday in the community center skybox (TP in OOC landing point) at 3pm slt, there will be hour-long OOC RP discussion meetings. These meetings will help new players understand RP, share successful RP styles for veterans, etc. Before the meeting players can submit a note card with an RP they took part in with a 100L$ entry fee to enter a contest, after the meeting is done the best RP will be selected and the winner will receive a 2,000L$ prize.
  • Gang Warz Club Event: Every Thursday at 3pm slt there will be an IC event in the club, which is above the stadium (take stairs inside stadium to club, follow signs). The Event will be a "Best in…" and will require a 100L$ entry free, the winner will receive a 2,000L$ prize.
  • Fight Night Event: Every Saturday at 3pm slt there will be an IC meter combat tournament, taken place in the city stadium located in the center of SIM. Players can enter the tournament with a 100L$ entry fee, and the winner will receive a 2,000L$ prize.


*Gang Warz Staff understands that you the player are the one that makes the SIM successful. To show our appreciation; not only have we made player friendly rules, popular theme, listen to all suggestions, and many planned events. We also give back to the community: in XP to advance your game play, but also in Lindens to share the success of the SIM with those that made it all possible. Every week two winners will be sent out on Gang Warz group notice; there will be three categories for active players to compete for XP and Lindens. They are:

-Most RPs turned in: 500xp & 500L$
-Gang with longest held Tag: 500xp & 500L$ per Gang member

  • Note card all your RPs and get other players approval to submit, and you can turn in the RPs for xp per active player in RP.


  • If you are coming from another meter combat RP SIM and wish to transfer your level here, you maybe do so by contacting a GM (/9gm). Level transfers are at a max of level 12.


  • Gang Warz Support- This group is for all questions, issues, and used by staff to send notices of up coming events or info for SIM.
  • Gang Warz Chatter- This group is for players of the SIM to just talk, and socialize.


  • Gang Warz offers players the ability to "live where you play", in apartment buildings located on the East and West sides of SIM. This puts players near the action, but far enough away to avoid their homes being turned into war zones.
  • Gang Warz also offers players OOC skyboxes, where they can have some private time, but still be close to the action.
  • Gang Warz is open to Businesses and builders, that wish to set up shop here, to make their products available to the public.
  • For all rental info, please contact Berserker Blackheart or Merenwen Nicholls
  • No refunds for money spent, even if banned.


  • Here in Gang Warz, we offer players three different styles in which they can take part in the SIM. The different styles are there so different types of players, can all have a place here in Gang Warz.
  • 1st Style; Non-com with CCS meter, where players can RP here in Gang Warz without aggression or combat. While still can take part in several RP awards (see awards here in Rules, for different RP awards offered). This is for those players that seek only RP, and do not wish to take part in combat.
  • 2nd Style; Combative with CCS meter, where players can take part in any RP, combat, and Block Wars. But to make a fair game, there are rules to limit combat killing sprees. This is a normal player here in Gang Warz, well rounded and taking part in all aspects of the SIM. Opened to all awards, from combat awards to RP awards.
  • 3rd Style; Combative with CCS meter, where players can mainly focus on the block wars part of the SIM. Within the Tag areas, no RP is needed, and it is straight out killing sprees. These players can hope to gain the "most kills" award and "Top Gang" award, which are both offered each week.


  • YOU MUST READ THESE RULES BEFORE CONTINUING ANY FURTHER. Ignorance or claiming you have not read these rules is not a valid excuse.
  • By entering Gang Warz, you agree that you will obey the rules.
  • You agree that you will follow the instructions given by the Staff. Also agreeing that their judgment prevails over all other rules and regulations.
  • You agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you have legal majority during your stay on the SIM according to your local legislation and have not been declared legally a minor due to circumstances described in the aforementioned legislations.
  • No child avatars allowed to take part in dark RP in this SIM.
  • You agree to help make the sim a fun environment for all players, and not letting OOC feelings/thoughts cause you to create any conflict with another player. Remember that this is a game, and everyone should be having fun.
  • Any issues that arise in the sim that are not covered under the rules will be ruled on case by case, and whatever the outcome the GM/Admin makes will stand like any other rule.
  • No bloodlines, or any other SIM recruiting.
  • TOS must be followed within sim.
  • No usage of Alt characters; to avoid godmoding, OOC drama, and abuse of linden awards.


  • The Staff are not here to be cops or anyone's boss, they are a third party chosen by sim owners to help players work out any issues that might come up.
  • The Staff are also here to make sure the rules set by the owners are followed, so that all players have a fair and enjoyable experience.
  • Staff must be respected at all times.
  • Never take the outcome of a call by the Staff to the community to sway favor, if you have any issue with a Staff member please contact Berserker Blackheart or Merenwen Nichollis.
  • Always try to communicate with other players OOC in IM if you feel there is an issue, instead of rushing to call a GM. We all make mistakes, and most issues can be resolved if talked out like adults. Also remember that we all need to make room to let small things slip, and not attack other players on every detail. If you are willing to work with each other, there will be no need to even call a GM.
  • If you do need to make a GM call, simply /9gmhelp. Make sure to have all logs of the issue saved onto a note card, and ready to be given to Staff when they contact you. You will also need to accept a TP from the staff, as most calls will take place in private with a GM, accuser, and accused. This is so the matter can be talked out, and so players can first hand see the matter is being taken care of. If there is any private Info, players can of course IM the GM, and that info would not be made public to the other player(s).


  • OOC- Out of Character; this is all knowledge and actions known or done by you, but is not known or done by your character. Example:

OOC Knowledge: Knowing a player's name by reading nametag above AV.

OOC Action: Bob called GM on John, and John attacks Bob in game for it.

  • IC- In Character; this is all knowledge and actions known or done by your Character. Example:

IC Knowledge: Knowing another Character's name, after they RP introduced themselves.

IC Action: Bob's Character tortures John's Character's sister, and John's Character attacks Bob's Character for it.

  • Do not mix OOC with IC, this is a game. There might be some dark RP or harsh words, but we have to remember as mature adults that it is just fantasy and the other player is acting out a part like in a play/book.
  • Anything said or done while in Gang Warz RP area is considered IC, and not to be taken OOCly.
  • Any OOC communication must be done as such, (( OOC comment )). Please be respectful to your fellow players, and do not insult or be rude OOC. Also, please be sure to take all OOC into IMs so not to disturb the RP. RPs can get ruined or swayed if there is a lot of OOC spammed. Unless the OOC is needed to be shared with all/several players around. In that case, brief public chat OOC with brackets is allowed.
  • Do not attempt to hide OOC insults or Harassment behind IC, this will not be tolerated.
  • Dialogue or behavior that is generally considered offensive or inflammatory such as RL racism, RL political views, RL religious issues, child abuse, animal sex, etc., have no place whatsoever on this sim.
  • OOC Insults and Harassment will not be tolerated, and will result in stricter punishments.
  • All IMs are OOC, unless said before hand.


Visitors who wish to explore and who do not wish to engage in combat or role-play must wear an “Explorer” tag. As a visitor you are not allowed to participate in role-play and cannot wear a meter or need to have it set to non-combative. If you are a former player, please do not come back as a "Visitor."


  • Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play (either openly or in IMs), and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  • Do not try to hide someplace in the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky) or try to hide your meter in the sim.
  • If you need to go afk, do something in RL or not able to take part in the RP, /9off and type ooc that you will be afk.


You are only allowed to rez an object in this sim if it contributes to the role-play. All created objects must be removed immediately after use. Rezzing of unneeded objects or spamming objects is considered griefing.


  • RP- Role-Playing is when you enter the fantasy world of imagination, and live out a life that you could never live in real life. Your Avatar is your character and bridge to the fantasy world that you create, and you give your character abilities, traits, and his/her own personality. Through what is called RP, you then start to live your life in a fantasy world you choose. While in that life, everything you say and do creates a storyline of your character. That storyline builds up and up, all the while your character changes from the experiences. example: If he/she was attacked, your character later might be more cautious then before. It is as if you are writing your own book with other people all adding their own parts, and if you save all your chat logs, you could go back and read your entire RP life as a book.
  • There are two great things about RPing here in SL. One, you can create any life you could only dream of in RL and live it. Two, you are able to socialize with like-minded people while having fun and doing something you enjoy.
  • Unlike most games where you follow a pre-selected plot and map, or even a book/movie, here in Gang Warz you can create your own story and play the game any way you want. Be as good as you want, or as evil.
  • Gang Warz is a free-form dark rp sim. Which means that anything goes, and besides playing god you can have any RP storyline you wish. Be sure to note that this sim has dark fantasies, and not suited for those not able to deal with that kind of environment. There is sex, violence, rape, torture, magic, satanic rituals, slavery, and any other dark RP a character wishes to take part in.
  • Emoting- You can do a simple emote by starting with /me .. Role-playing is just like writing a book. You need to write actions, feelings, and words. Some people emote with entire paragraphs. While this is all-good and fine, people with short attention spans can lose concentration. On the other hand, not emoting at all is just not very descriptive for your RP and many senior RPers can become disgruntled at your lack or RP ability. Try to use correct spelling, grammar and pronunciation if you can.
  • Character Back-story / History.

Most of the time, RPers will write a backstory for their character. This is to introduce themselves to the sim/realm they are RPing in. Sometimes, it is a fresh character. Sometimes, it is somewhat their actual RP history from other Sims. Basically, it gives you a character to start with - and to evolve.

  • This sim is not for combat junkies. Do not attack people after one line of RP, and do not one line RP people. There must be at least three lines of Rp to do any action in the sim. Which means, if you are going to tie someone up, you cannot emote "Binds Joe up". Example

::John leans down over Joe, taking out a long length of rope from a bag on his hip.::

::John grabs both of Joe's wrists, placing them together while he wraps the rope around them firmly::

::John grabs both of Joe's ankles, placing them together while he wraps the rope around them firmly. Finishing the bind, by tying together both bindings of rope::

  • Whatever objects or tools you use in your RP, please make it believable and realistic. If you want to get across a river, do not RP pulling a boat from your pocket. Instead RP pulling out a knife and rope, then taking some branches from a tree, tie them together and make a raft.
  • If you have any RP abilities or traits that can affect other players or their RP, please state it in your profile. For example: "Joe and Sara have their souls RP bound, making them be able to feel each others fear and track them down"
  • You must reply to all RP done to your character, and can not ignore RP or another character.
  • All RP in Gang Warz is turned based, meaning you emote and then wait for the player to emote a reply. You cannot RP other player’s responses, only the action you are trying to take. Examples:

Godmodding RP: ::cuts Joe's foot off::

Turned based RP: ::John takes out his knife, placing it against Joe's foot. John starts to move the knife in a sawing motion and putting enough pressure on Joe's foot to cut the foot off::

::Joe screams in pain feeling John's knife slice into his foot, trying to fight him off, but the bindings prevent any resistance.::

  • This is a modern era RP sim; so all clothes, objects, RP, speech, etc must all be of the time period.
  • Do not use text message chat in RP, please RP out full sentences. lol, ur, :P, sup, btw, etc are not allowed.
  • RP using a cell or other RP objects; if you are calling for help, emote something like, /me pulls out cell phone, and makes a call.
  • Do not use mapping or mini map to find people, you must see them and follow. For example: If a friend gets captured and dragged off, you must see them dragged off and follow them. You can not look on map for their dot, unless there is an RP tracking device on them. But if the attacker removes them, they can not be used. IM the player for info about their condition, or possible RP possiblities. Except Tag areas, there is plenty of RP reasons a player could know someone is taking over their block.


  • Metagaming.

Metagaming is a big NONO. In role-play we have two terms: IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character). The basic premise of Metagaming is using OOC information IC. For example, walking up to someone you've never met before and saying "Hi Sara!" No, no and no. If this were the world - there would not be any names or titles hanging over people's heads. If someone emotes thinking i.e. "Sara thinks to herself that the drink is disgusting." You can not respond to or acknowledge the emote. Thoughts and feelings of another character, are there to build the scene and show other players the mood or expression another character might expect to see. For example:

- Sara Emotes:

"Sara thinks to herself that the drink is disgusting."

- Expression/mood shown:

1. Sara is not happy as she drinks the drink
2. Sara is probably making an odd facial expression
3. Sara might have made some kind of noise of discust or ganging.

  • Godmodding.

Another NONO. Godmodding, in short, is making you into a god. No one is a god. If your arm is cut off, you cannot instantly grow one back (except in special circumstances). If you are KO, you cannot get up and walk around without some RP to back it up. Pain hurts and life is precious. In addition, you have to remember that not everyone is going to want to go along with your RP. You cannot force it on them, the same as they cannot force it on you. However, be smart and try to compromise.


  • Though we are in a dark RP sim, no one will force anything on you that might be RL upsetting. If there is any RP that you feel uncomfortable about RPing, please post your limits in your profile. IM a player that might be heading towards breaking a limit, so to inform them it is a limit of yours.
  • Do not abuse RP limits. If there is a list of RPs you do not wish to take part in, then playing in a dark RP sim is not for you. Cannot be defeated, cannot be tied, cannot be captured, cannot be hurt, are all not allowed as RP limits.
  • Before doing any dark RPs, be sure to check the other players profile for limits. If they have any limits do not break them, create another RP that will be comfortable to both parties. RPing is not about getting even or hurting someone OOC, it is about having fun. There is no RP that you HAVE to do to another player, if you are RPing for any other reason then to have a fun experience with another player it will be seen as OOC harassment.
  • If you take part in any RP, you cannot claim that RP as a personal limit. For example; If you rape or help rape another player, you cannot have "no rape" as a RP limit.
  • Players have to take off weapons if RPed, strip their AV if stripped to undies (can not be limit), wear bindings if RPed, use RP tools given if RPed.
  • Nothing Permanent to players, SIM, buildings, etc. As we do not have races like demons, there is no regening. So it will only ruin a player's game, if they get their legs cut off as a human. Anything Perm, including death, must me agreed upon by all players.


  • Here in Gang Warz, we use the CCS combat meter system. You must have a meter on and visible at all times while being aggressive, near bases, or to take control of block "tags".
  • This is a Pro-RP sim and killing sprees will not be allowed, there must be a RP reason for attacks.
  • Combat can happen even if two characters have never met before, if their RP leads to it. However, there must be at least three lines of RP before you can attack a player, and there must be three lines of RP after by the victor. Unless the victor is attacked, and defeated right after.
  • Only exception to the RP before/after rule, is when dealing with Gang Warz for Gang Tags. In a street fight for a tag, no pre-fight or post-fight RP is needed. But player attacked must be within the Tag area or shotting/healing someone in tag area.
  • Other players can join into an already RP started fight, though they can take part in the RP after, the player that started the fight HAS to RP after.
  • Ganking is when a large group of players meter attacks a small group, leaving the small group no chance for survival. This is frowned upon here, and continued ganking should be reported to staff.
  • Camping is when a player continues to meter defeat another player without RP or reason, to only keep them defeated. Unless for RP reasons, you cannot attack a player when they naturally revive unless they show aggression. If a player is captured, they can leave the area if there is no RP for 15mins.
  • Attacking the same person or group repeatedly at one time is not allowed, attacking someone repeatedly for hours is not fun or RP, it is OOC harassment. This will not be tolerated.
  • Attacking New players for no reason or for long periods of time will be considered ooc harassment, unless the new player started the aggression. This sim is a community of players coming together to have fun and bullying anyone, more so new players, will only hurt the community and cause players to leave.
  • If players agree to RP fight, then any other player joining fight must also RP fight. No meter combat is allowed in an RP fight, it is not fair to ruin people's RP because you do not like to RP fight. If that is the case, stay out of the fight. There will however, be no RP fighting for control of Gang Tags. RP fights must be agreed upon by both parties, and can not switch to meter fight if one side or person does not like how it is going.
  • No teleporting players in during combat or at Gang Tag locations. No teleporting out of combat/RPs.
  • KOS- Kill on Sight orders or RPs must have a max time limit of 48 hours.
  • If you crash during a fight, you are considered defeated when you return.
  • No camping the rental apartments; these are IC areas, and can be combat zones. But hanging out in front of or inside of them to attack residents, will not be allowed.
  • No going non-com to avoid being attacked, or in the middle of a fight.
  • You can get into Spar mode, so you an practice and spar. But do not take part in aggressive RP while in training mode, or attack anyone, or try to capture tags in block wars. it is the same as non-com as far as RP/game.
  • Do not take part in any meter combat, while on a heal bed. You can not heal friends, skill enemies, or support skill friends.


  • When your meter goes to 0 or you lose a RP fight, you are defeated. Not dead, you are considered severely wounded or barely conscious. However, you can RP being unconscious, but must still emote RP in response to RP done to your character.
  • For the 5 mins CCS defeated timer, you are at the mercy of whoever finds you. They cannot godmode your character, but your character cannot resist any physical action. Example:

Defeated godmode: ::casts a spell to make Sara fall in love with him::

Defeated RP: ::John takes a love potion from his bag, and forces it down Sara's throat:: ((Sara then can RP falling in love, or resisting))

  • You cannot kill another character, only deaths can be done with the other player's consent. If players are banned from sim, they are RP considered dead.
  • A player cannot do any aggressive action when defeated, neither can they shout or talk normally as if there is nothing wrong. You are severally wounded, and you must RP being in that weakened state.
  • Defeated Players must follow RP, and reply to the RP that is being done to them.
  • Defeated players cannot move, unless being dragged.
  • Defeated players can have objects taken from them, including weapons. If a player's weapons are taken, when they revive, they cannot pull new ones out of no where. They must continue without weapons, until they get some from a friend or from their home.
  • Once you are defeated, you can not enter the current fight or RP combative. You must remain wounded until RP/battle ends, though you can still RP. Only exception is if you are revived by a racial skill, or raised by another player.


  • When a player is captured in any way (bound, jailed, etc), they may still use meter abilities, but it must be RPed first.
  • Players can RP trying to escape, again needed three lines of RP.
  • Players that are bound, cannot get up and run away. Unless they were just RP having only their hands bound.


  • All CCS weapons are allowed, including enhanced.
  • Player created weapons with stun, pull, or very high rate of fire is not allowed.
  • No push bullets.
  • All weapons must have an animation, to show that you are attacking.
  • You cannot have more then two weapons at one time.
  • No rockets, or other explosive weapons.
  • No heavy scripted or particle weapons, which great only lag.
  • All weapons must be Staff approved.
  • guns must have 50 bullet max clip.
  • If using two swords, only one can be enchanced.


  • 1st offense is a warning
  • 2nd offense is a XP dock
  • 3rd offense is a 3-day ban
  • 4th offense is a perm ban
  • OOC insults and harassment can go straight to banning.


  • No flying
  • No movement enhancers, super jumpers, or combat AOs with fast animations.
  • No vehicles
  • No griefing tools
  • No shields or radars (even with Emerald)
  • No prim sitting to get into places.
  • No shooting, melee, or skilling through walls
  • No invisibility
  • No Gestures/sounds/chat spam
  • Your AV must be easily seen, it cannot be too small.
  • Your meter must be easily seen.
  • Each player's personal lag, must be kept low.
  • No laggy attachments, or facelights.
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