Gang Warz


Name Gang Warz
Owner Berserker Blackheart
Theme Gang Warz: The Slums
XP Tick 6
Rules Gang Warz Rules
Chain none
Neighbours none
Resident group

In the year 2010, the world's economy was barely kept working, but as the years went by it only got worse. The lower class people were losing jobs and not being able to spend money to support it, and the upper class were afraid to lose their money and investing less. A few years later as the rest of the world fell to anarchy, the United States took the successful and skilled workers and brought them into secured mega cities. These Mega Cities flourished, but the rest of the country fell to ruin. There was no law or order outside the Mega Cities, soon crime lords and gangs popped up to seize control of the country.

Removed: 25.8.2010

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