Epic Fail City Rules


Welcome to Epic Fail City!

This is a Dark RP Sim so RP as you wish. You must abide by the rules. Must be 18 or over and not be offended by violence, adult language and/or sexual content.

You also agree to allow the use of logs by the GM/administrative staff for the purpose of determining game rule violations.


Full version of the sim rules:

The short summory below is just to get an idea of the rules. For more info and a complete set of rules, please read these:

Both the full version and the short summory have the same numbers to them, so it's easier to find the full version of every rule.

Short summory of the sim rules:

1.) You do not have the right to be an asshole!

2.) No child avatars!

3.) No poaching!

4.) No griefing!

5.) No movement enhancers!

6.) No combat without a CCS-meter! No safezones!

7.) No camping!

8.) No mixing OOC and IC!

9.) No OOC-insulting!

10.) No random fading to black!

11.) No meta-gaming!

12.) No god modding!

13.) No corpse camping!

14.) No confusion regarding combat!

15.) No combat without RP! (Unless agreed otherwise)

16.) No cutting yourself loose while being bound!

17.) No RP-fighting! (Unless agreed otherwise)

18.) No weapon stacking!

19.) No invisibilty during battles!

20.) No helpcalls! (Unless agreed otherwise)

21.) No random going noncom! (max 2 times)

22.) No going back into battle after a second crash!

23.) No going back into battle after a second meter bug!

24.) No moving while defeated!

25.) No healing beds during combat!

26.) No attacking right after you revived! (Unless it's group combat)

27.) No walking away unharmed after battle

28.) Not more than 3 roleplaying limits!

29.) No permanent death/injury! (Unless agreed otherwise)

30.) How to report problems?

31.) What to do if you want to appeal after a ban?

More useful rules:



The Epic Fail staff!

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