Domina Island Rules

What do you find at Domina Island

Domina Island is a D/s & forced Sex Dark RP and Combat SIM where you can play YOUR Character.
The life here is not always sunny side, you won't find only friendly people around as on other places in SL.
Here life is a bit darker, more medieval and sometimes also more dangerous. So be attentive, take care where you go.
But you also find friends and maybe you will join a clan that fits to your character.

Therefor we also need some rules !


These are the general rules for Domina Island.

!!!Absolutely no combat allowed without CCS enabled!!!

Due to changes in the second life terms of service you inherently agree, by agreeing to abide by these rules and entering Domina Island,
that you are over the age of eighteen and you are not offended by violence, adult language or sexual content.
The owner of Domina Island defers all responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party, parties not over the age of eighteen are trespassing and thus legally liable for their own actions.

You further agree to allow the use of logs by the GM/administrative staff for the purpose of determining game rule violations! logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.


2) Administrative fiat
Any information not currently covered in the information at hand is subject to determination by the sim admin.

3) Child avatars:
Absolutely no sex based age play allowed. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Child avatars are not allowed to wear weapons or participate in combat or any other violent acts. Breaking these rules is grounds for an immediate ban!

Child avatars may NOT wear or use the CCS combat system while in the Domina Island sim.

The Domina Island staff and our GM's have the final say and decision as to what constitutes a child avatar in sim. Staff will, when faced with an avatar they believe may violate this rule, confer with other members of staff before a final decision is made.

4) Vehicles & Flying:
Do not rez cars or other vehicles in Domina Island. Domina Island is a no fly zone. Do not use flight defeating gadgets in the sim.

A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc).
If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!

Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play (either openly or in IMs), and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
If you must go AFK for a short period (10 to 15 minutes) then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off or set yourself to AFK or BUSY which stops you from earning experience.
If you will be gone for a longer period it is better to log out, especially if the sim is near capacity.

Do not try to hide someplace in the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky) or try to hide your CCS meter in the sim.

RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be RPing or doing Domina Island related things for an extended period then please turn your CCS off

Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.

7) Domina Island is a german speaking SIM
Character and RP conversations (IC nd OOC) can be done in german and english, whereby german the mainlanguage in the SIM is.
We understand that not all players speak german, and don't expect that they will learn a new language for the Roleplay. But we expect that you can use a Babbler or another translator if you do mixed language roleplay.
This allows the players and administrators to operate among each other and protects against misunderstandings.

No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in Domina Island without ADMIN approval. Therefore you can rent a shop at our malls and one of our staff will add you as merchant to the landgroup.

Rezzing objects is permitted in Domina Island because RP sometimes requires various props, objects, pose balls and so forth to be added to the sim.
Objects left lying around the sim count against the overall prim limit of the sim and reduce the amount for others to use.
Renters, of course, can leave items in their apartments within their prim limits.
Persistent disregarding of this rule or rezzing a large number of objects will result in disciplinary action. Domina Island is not a building zone.

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