Lycans Asylum Rules


Long time ago the last lycans who survived after a huge fight with humans ended up in a small town near a forest. They lived inside the forest and started to turn the people of the town into lycans until everyone was a lycan.

That town named Lycans Asylum where the King and the Queen of lycans live and the citizens of the place live with them , sometime in harmony sometime in war

Some stories says that the two great lycans are dead but some other not. The only way to find out is to try live here and explore the place and might solve the riddle.

One advise …. watch your steps danger is everywhere!!!


*Sim Disclaimer* after leaving the TP'in point all players agree that they have an understanding of the rules used on Lycan Asylums. By participating in RP and battles on these sims players acknowledge that they have read the rules and agree to be subject to action against them if rules are not followed, to include but not limited to xp docks and sim bans. If other players are TP'd into the sim by someone, the person that TP'd them in could face the discipline since they bypassed the TP'in location and the rules of the sim.

Players on Lycans also agree that open chat and IM's may be used for GM purposes only. Notecards of converstations involving a GM will be made and sent for review to the GM Admin. No other times will open chat or IM's be used in notecards.

This sim is an Englisch Sim, speak englisch in mainchat. If you cant do this use a translator to help you. All im's from GM's have to be respond in englisch. All RP has to be in Englisch.


So we ask you to do the following to keep the zone lag free:
Remove all unnecessary scripted items, such as dance bracelets
Turn off all bling, sparkles, eye effects
Turn off scanners- scanners are not allowed on the sim. No form of tracking, locating, or Radar device can be used. These take away from RP and could result in a ban from the sim

1. No camping, no guns, no flying, no jump enhancers, no orbiting or caging. No modern vehicles, or anything that causes massive amounts of lag. That means no poofers in the arena and limited use of teleport effects.

2. You must wear a CCS combat meter to take part in combat or RP.

3. Safezones – The Mall is safezone and the TP to the RP platform. With rezz issues its best to keep players out of harms way while the area around them comes into play. Once the player moves out from this area they are considered active. (Please no hanging around the TP zone waiting for players to rezz).

4. All RP is consensual. All TOS of Second Life apply here.

5. Best option is to have your RP limits posted in your profile. A good idea is to add it under your picks for players to know your limits. Not having limits gives the impression that anything goes and saying your limits after the fact is not an excuse. Please take the time to add your limits to make the experience for all better.

6. The Arena is a non battle zone but is not OOC and is used only for sparring and learning. So you are always in character but you can’t use it for fights. When you are fighting in character outside the arena it’s forbidden to use the heal items inside the arena. "RP only allowed while inside the Arena, if you want to start combat based on the RP please take it outside the Arena walls." Please show respect to players inside the Arena and ask them for a spar or for help.

7. NO child avatars under the age of 18, if you don’t know if your avatar is allowed feel free to ask any GM. Anyone found on the sim as a child will be permanently banned. This is a mature sim and anyone found under 18 years will be permanently banned and reported to Linden Labs.

8. Your presence in this sim is considered agreement to these rules and proof you are over 18. Ignorance of the rules is NO excuse!

9. Absolutely no sex based age play allowed. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Breaking these rules is grounds for an immediate ban!



1. No combat without some form of RP first.

2. No GUNS allowed.

3. No CAMPING/Iding (being afk for 10 minutes with the meter running) use /9 off to go non combative while afk.

4. No FLYING. No one allowed above 300 meters.

5. No Jump enhancers.

6. No public nudity. If consented RP involves sex based or nudity, please respect those around you and take it to a clan house or residence.

7. Defeated enemies may be taken captive (1 per person) but everyone's personal RP limits must be respected. You can not fight if you are holding a prisoner. How can you fight and guard your prisoner at the same time? For capture lengths make sure it is consensual with all players involved. If none can agree then the capture part should be halted. "Once again, personal RP limits are a good thing to have set-up prior to RP"

8. Combatants defeated who are revived by an ally may resume fighting.

9. Combatants who die and are revived naturally by CCS may play, its not allowed to use heal objects in battle. Any form of self heal skill directly makes you a threat again and the players around you may engage in combat with you. "You took the step to make yourself a threat again"

10. Players that are defeated may have skills used on them (ex. feed or wrath), however this type of action must have some form of RP that shows the action. If you stand over a defeated player and use feed or wrack it could easily be viewed as corpse camping since you are not engaged in RP with the player. "They are defeated, they will not be going anywhere and you only have to do a simple line, just make sure it shows what you are doing.

10.5 Stealing a defeated players power points is not concidered fair play while on these sims. We do not allow enhanced weapons to be used while a player is defeated, even if RP'd you cannot take their power points while they are defeated.

11. Captives who are imprisoned may not escape unless freed by allies, even if the prison is not guarded. You do not have to remain in the prison indefinitely, but you may not RP in the sim and you should be available when RP resumes.

12. Everyone RP’s differently. Tolerance and patience must prevail.

13. No teleporting into or out of RP’s/Combat.

14. No attacking while someone is rezzing. "When rezzing please announce so players around you know" Once you move you have shown signs that you are rezzed and active.

15. No body camping.

16. If you crash during a RP/Combat – set your meter to non-combative (/9off) for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes you may rejoin the RP/Combat. Upon relog please announce that you have crashed in chat and after your 10 minutes turn your meter on (/9on) and resume RP/Combat. In combat situations its best to move to the side so use of skills and the combat can continue without interference from non-combative players.

17. Players found using heal balls in the arena, or personal heal furniture will be removed from the RP/Combat. Use of heal objects takes you out completely.

18. Racial skills – Angel buffs/Human spirit – 1 use of buff/spirit per player. Once the skill has worn off, then it may be used again. Example would be – A player has an Angel with them, that player may get 1 buff, 1 invig/strengthen from that 1 player. After they have worn off the player may receive them again. If there are 2 players around 1 then they may get 1 set from each player (ex – 2 angels may use 1 buff and invig/strengthen giving the 1 player 2 each) Self buffs like Spirit should only be used once. After it has worn off then it may be used again.

19. CALLING FOR HELP The following applies to those who are participating in a fight or merely observing one taking place. Open chat RP is a must when calling for help and it must be preventable in some way. Sabaoth sims do not support direct calling for help using group chat, however we do allow RP to be used in open with the combination of group chat that supports good RP. Simply sending a message saying "help under attack by "number" of "group" come help. This is not good RP and something we try to avoid ourselves. The use of group chat should also have a combination of open chat to show that there is someone attempting to gather help, the use of a runner or certain devices is allowed if it is RP'd correctly. Help calls are limited to in-sim only, comm devices can not reach outside the sim. To use a comm device for outside the sim calls, a runner will have to open chat RP, leave the sim, use the comm device, and return with the others.

Race based auto revive:

  • You pop up and get killed it is not corpse camping. By using an ability to revive you have become a threat again and the standard you wear a CCS you are a target rule applies.

Revived by non-enemy:
*You get killed again NOT corpse camping. Same as above, you are put back into combat.

Natural revive:
*This is when the CCS revives any race due to the time running. If someone stands around not RPing and waiting for you to revive just to kill you again. This is corpse camping. You may continue to RP with natural revive. You are considered defeated and need to RP that way upon natural revive. If you start to heal or someone starts to heal you, then you are taking steps to be a threat and you risk getting attacked again.

No OOC insults.

You can fight with 2 weapons, one in each hand, such as:

- Double swords ( these counts as two weapons )
- New ccs rules state that streetfighter may not be paired up with any sword. Ex. 1 sword in right hand and streetfighter attached.
- Any questions on weapons please ask.


Any time you feel uncomfortable with an RP you may withdraw, BUT YOU MUST LEAVE THE SIM !
Use the Fade To Black, go-noncom and leave the sim. Feel free to contact a GM if the RP needs to be discussed to make sure it does not go beyond Sabaoth rules. By fading to Black you have taken yourself out of the RP and may not come back to that RP without approval from all involved.

A GM has the right to ban for reasons they feel are just cause. Any bans can be discussed but most decisions are final.

Any questions contact a GM

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