Danger Point Vehicle Rules

This Sim allows the use of vehicles. The following rules apply to vehicle use:


1. The vehicle must be standard with bling and other particles off and be no more than 30 prims.

2. You may not rez a vehicle out of nowhere in a role play or combat situation. The ideal thing to do is to walk to an obscure place out of direct sight of others.
EXAMPLE "/me looks around and remembers he left it behind the building" ..avatar walks behind building and rezzes the vehicle

3. If a vehicle is present or nearby you may not escape combat with it unless your attacker is dazed and/or you first escape your attacker, meaning a good distance and/or their line of sight.

4. If using a vehicle in a combat/and or role play situation you must realistically assume you wreck the vehicle and get off/out of it if you
A- Hit a wall or solid object, flip it etc.. B- Get the vehicle stuck to where you can't "unstick" it by normal driving.
C- Are CCS dazed.

5. Anyone caught using a vehicle in a combat situation that is obvious disregard for any role play type realism whatsoever without a valid reason will be warned and eventually banned from using vehicles or the sim. One, but not the only example of this would be getting on a bike with your attacker within chat range, not waiting for them to type anything and driving off past them.

6. Keep in mind the police can and will stop you (or find you) for joyriding eventually since fuel is limited and for not obeying the traffic lights and signs. And people will find you and beat you for hitting them carelessly.
*Your car may also be impounded during which time you will NOT be allowed to use the vehicle or rez the same type vehicle. You are encouraged in this case to find a ride to steal.

7. Groups may leave a total of 2 vehicles out at their main territory , hopefully for members of your group to use.

8. When you are done riding your vehicle or are leaving it is your responsibility to remove any vehicles you have in the sim. Please be aware that someone has to pick up and when you leave it to others to do you are taking advantage of ability to use those objects as well as the sim itself. We all forget sure, but repeatedly leaving vehicles out with no apparent thought or courtesy may result in a ban or loss of privileges.

9. Helicopters and other aircraft are restricted to police and EMT use however - If it is feasible your group can get its hands on one or have one you may receive permission from staff to use one for specified role play scenarios.

10. Now and then the emergency and police vehicles will be set to use by everyone so you can steal them and such for role play. You are encouraged to do the same with your vehicles.

Additions to the above to clarify anything not directly stated here will be included with updates or in supplemental note cards as they arise

Have fun out there. Jayce

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