Danger Point The Apartments

The Apartments
Thursday, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

It has come to our attention that people seem to want to abuse the apartments, and infringe on the rights of those renting them.

The following applies:-

1. Jumping using any means, including cars/vehicles is not allowed.

2. They are peoples apartments, if you have not been invited in, do not enter this includes the balconies and roof.

3. Roleplay must still be taking place, as in the rest of the sim.

4. Hiding in the apartments is considered isolating yourself from everyone, therefore you are not actively roleplaying. This means you go noncombative.

5. Staff of Danger Point, will check, ask, and use other means to check that roleplay is being done if a CCS meter is active. Being a tenant or guest of a tenant does not negate the rules.

Anyone found breaking the rules, or infringing upon tenants will be banned!

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