Danger Point Role Play And General Courtesy

*Role Play and General Courtesy

General guides.

First of of keep some sence of realism in mind. some examples are:
don't shoot , hit or use skills on someone through a wall or other solid object

if you are held prisoner dont just leave confinement because of phantom doors or simply because you can.

just because you can see chat on your screen within 20 meters doesnt mean your character can hear that far, or though thick walls or floors.

IC means “In Character” and OOC means “Out Of Character”
While in character you are playing a make believe persona through your avatar. You can be whatever and whomever you like within reason. Most people have a back-story for their character with traits and other information that defines that character, including flaws. You should be In Character a majority of time in the sim.

OOC applies to any action, speech or knowledge of the player and not the Avatar they are playing, this includes but not limited to the following:
1. Net speak (lol, brb, imho, etc..)
2. SL language (lag, relog , hud , CCS etc..)
3. In-game knowledge you know but the character you are playing doesn’t ( another characters name or race and group they belong to without being told, someone telling you in IM they are captured. etc..) SEE META-GAMING

When using public chat to speak OOC some form of brackets ( { [ should enclose the text.
Example: ((wow! it took me forever to log in)). Please try to make a habit of this.

Disruptive OOC in public chat or group IM, including for example but not limited to: complaining about someone’s actions, making rude or threatening statements to or about a player. Gloating over a win or pointing out someone’s faults. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

Keep it IC and keep it clean. We are all human and make mistakes, if you must, please let someone know of them in private and respectfully to avoid embarrassment or disrupting your surroundings.

Excessive shouting OOC or use of gestures/objects/particles (spamming) is prohibited. Gestures that have nothing to do with the role play such as cartoon voices or movie quotes should be avoided.


Meta-gaming is your character acting IC on OOC information basically.
Some examples are:
You’re in an IM with sally and they mention they just got captured and you rush in the sim to help them.
You’ve just been shot and the person runs away so you look at the mini map and follow the fast moving green dot right to them.
You see someone with a vampire tag or CCS and you don’t know them but attack them for being a vampire. Etc..


This is where you perform and action whereby no one has any option but to accept what you’ve done or making yourself inpervious to attacks, capture etc.. One example of this is role playing combat . Below are two statement.

/me jumps up and kicks Joe in the chest making them fly over the edge of the building. (God-mod)
/me jumps up in an attempt to kick Joe in the chest and knock them off the building (one correct way)

Then Joe can respond. Remember that never taking a hit or being vulnerable to anything , always having your way or outcome will discourage some others from wanting to play with you, and rightly so.

Fade to black

This is a term used to signify that a character has succumbed to injury or exhaustion physically or emotionally and are unconscious and or unresponsive to your environment. It is used to signify that you are uncomfortable with an RP situation such as rape and DONOT wish to actively participate in the RP. This Does not mean that the situation stops or is avoided, it simply means that you have fallen unconscious or numb/unresponsive to your surroundings. Whether you Role play the after effects or not has little to do with the fact that the event took place according to or in the eyes of the other party if they wish it happen ,however if you can find it in yourself to acknowledge the act by role playing the effect appropriately it is highly encouraged and will add to the RP of the city.

Over all remember that we are adults and this is a game we are all trying to enjoy. Have respect and consideration as a player to the player. Thank you.

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