Danger Point Non Com Rule Breaking

What happens if I am asked to go non-combative, or found to be breaking the rules?

If you are asked to go non-combative, it is usually easiest to go non-combative by typing /9off. When you return to roleplaying, you can go active by typing /9on.

If you are found to be breaking the rules, the following usually applies….

1. You will be told of the offence and given a warning. This will happen up to till the 3rd offence.

1a. Prim Littering - You will be reminded of this, and usually nothing will be said the first couple of times it happens, cause everyone forgets.

Please note that it depends upon the severity of the offence as to if any warnings are issued or not.

2. After warnings have been issued, a ban will be enforced this typically starts at 3 days.

2a. Prim Littering depending upon severity starts at a 24 hour ban

3. After an inital 3 day ban, no more warnings will be issued, the length of ban will simply increase, 5 day, 7 day and so on

3a. This is down to staff discrestion, dependant on the offence

4. If all else fails and you have shown yourself to be incapeable of following the rules, you will be permanently banned from Danger Point.

4a. If it is a CCS issue, then it could be passed to the Global CCS GM's for further action if they decide it is necessary.

If you have an issue over why you have been warned or banned, then take it up with the member of staff that warned/banned you but please take the following into consideration:-

1. Threats/Abuse - Threatening, or being abusive to a member of staff is more than likely going to get you banned, or your ban extended.

1. Threats also include but not limited to;-

a) "I'm going to Jayce Anthony" - He is the owner of the sim, and we work for him, he will see what has been said and why, and threatening staff with going to him, rarely works

b) "I'm going to Global CCS" - Again if it is a CCS issue, then the Global CCS admins will be made aware of it, and if it isn't a CCS issue then they will not take any action.

2. Talk to the member of staff, the way you would expect to be spoken to. There may be circumstances, and reasons as to why rules were broken, and this can be taken into consideration

3. There are certain things which come up that do not apply to why a member of staff has enforced the rules, the following is examples but not limited to things that do not come into play regarding the rules

1. You being a GM in another sim. How another sim does things, what rules it has, and you being a GM in it, is not valid in Danger Point. The same as any Danger Point staff going to another CCS sim, to which they are not staff.

2. Your nationality, race, or language spoken. This again has nothing to do with why your being told the rules, warned or banned. It is also not an excuse as to why you are breaking the rules.

2a. This is an english speaking sim, and we ask that if you do not speak english that you use a translator, as would be expected of us, if we were to go to a sim that was not english.

2b. Enforcing the rules of the sim, is done to anyone, who breaks them regardless of their race, nationality, skin color, religion, gender, or anything else.

Problems & Issues

If you are roleplaying in the sim, and for whatever reason something goes wrong, or you see someone breaking the rules, whatever it might be, please remember you are not staff of Danger Point. Therefore do not go OOC and start to tell others what they can and cannot do. This only leads to more drama and everyone getting upset.

We are here to help, and to make decisions on what is right or wrong etc, so we ask this

1. If a problem arises with the RP/CCS that is going on, call for a GM of Danger Point

Ways to contact staff:-

1. IM one of the staff listed in the rules notecard

2. Use the Danger POint group chat

3. If none are available use the CCS Support Group Chat or the City of Lost Angels group chat to ask for a GM.

2. Notecard what has happened and have it available for a GM

2a. We will attempt to get notecards and information from those involved, and around the area. Since notecards can be editted, we have to be sure that we have all the information, not just what one person wants us to see.

3. If someone is breaking the rules/abusing players

This includes griefing, OOC'ness, gesturbating, and other such things that affect the enjooyment of other players.

We ask that you do NOT respond to them, or argue with them, instead call a member of staff, who will deal with the issue.

We are here to help you if you have questions on roleplaying, CCS, or anything you are not sure about within Danger Point.

Please enjoy your time in Danger Point we look forward to meeting you

Thank you

Danger Point Staff

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