Danger Point City Info And Concept


Danger Point is a city re-founded by influencial and connected survivors of the war. They cleaned up as best they could and began to rebuild and establish order in the chaos surrounding them. Rebuilding has slowed after the pirates on the waters figured out what was going on, they still recieve supplies by ship usually the first week of every month unless the ship is highjacked. Rebuilding has also slowed since the arrival of people and supplying their needs.

The city is ran by Jayce Anthony and his corrupt police force a and most of the residents are a rather unsavory lot. Upon arrival the church was taken by a group calling themselves the "Cult of Darkened Sorceress" and remained their undisturbed .The first residents to establish themselves was a Motorcycle Club called the Disciples of Chaos and they like to think they have some say in what goes on as well. These 3 groups make up the base of the sim and cannot be uprooted or overthrown.

The Police will run around enforcing their own individual idea of law as they see fit and the bikers… well, they are bikers. also the EMTs, while on duty or a call are basically neutral (if they choose to respond to the call). Keep in mind beating up the hospital staff may not be the best idea for various reasons..

Any and all individuals or groups that wish to play here may "Tag" property. this involves placing a symbol or graffitti logo somewhere visible. you may have as much territory as you can control, however, you must fight to keep all territory if someone else wants it.

The places that cannot be tagged by groups are the Warehouse
Public Safety Building
Spanish Moon Saloon
Club Dionysus and the shops in its square.
The church
Any lower part of a downtown area build

If you or a group want to do a creative and appropriate business rp-wise, not for profit out of an empty building let Jayce Anthony know.

Fights over territory must be agreed upon OOC in number and time/balance between both parties. You may not continue to put off or ignore territorial conflict. by that I mean, low numbers or levels is no excuse, the other side should just compensate.

If the attacker is victorious the losing defender have the next 24 hours the fights to regain and keep control . these skirmishes do not need to be planned (or nessesarily "fair" for that matter) and you can attack each other all you wish with either side taking control by defeat. after the 24 hours is up whoever is in control may then tag it, re-decorate and call it their own.

If the attackers lose the fight is over and they must wait at least 3 (real) days to try again


Around the city are emergency phones you can use to call either the police or an ambulance and you are encouraged to use them to enhance the overall rp in the city.

If any healers want to be EMT's or anyone else a volunteer fireman please contact Jayce Anthony

It is my hope that all you creative people will use the city to its full potential, i built it with nothing but role play in mind, feel free to use it such as getting your vehicle repaired at the shop or letting medical staff tend to your wounds.

Have Fun!!

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