Danger Point Child Avatars

I feel that child Avs can add a good element a "dynamic" if you will, to roleplay and even add a dimention to a person or groups roleplay that some might desire Therefore I will allow child avatars but
only those responsible and courteous to the whole nature of child AVs in this environment and the feelings of others need apply.

Child Avatars are allowed to rp in the sim and participate in combat. NO sex play , sexual innuendo, gestures, etc.. WHATSOEVER.
Any child and/or Adult Avatar engaging in any sexual act or suggestion (with a child AV) will be banned permanently and reported to LL.

*Child avatars may NOT join in a fight already in progress unless they have previously been involved in that SPECIFIC situation. EXAMPLE: went to run for help and comes back.

  • Anyone playing a child Avatar MUST RESPECT another persons wishes to not be engaged by them in RP or combat with or without any limit.

Anyone "starting" a scenerio with a child AV in a populated area must also be courteous and the party must leave the area if others are uncomfortable with the senerio they must witness. If you walk up on the scenerio and are uncomfortable it is your responsibility and right to leave the area.

If you are uncomfortable Role playing with a child and/ or having to hurt a child then let them know not to engage you, especially with any role play that might give you reason to have to hurt them.

If the person/persons refuse to comply by leaving an area you have pre-occupied contact staff immediately

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