Damnation Rules

(Damnation, Vampires Asylum, Neko Asylum, North Holly Bay, Malice Beach and Panic Palisades)


What is the Damnation Chain of Sims:

The Damnation Chain of Sims is a diverse mix of landscape, personalities, and desires. The sims consist of urban settings, beaches, and even a forest, each of which offers an array of rental opportunities within the communities. These are dark lands inhabited by dark souls and we take both roleplay and CCS combat very seriously. We would encourage you to listen, to learn, and have fun. This is a place where even the darkest, scariest, corners of your imagination can be allowed to run freely. The rules outlined below are to provide general order in a possible chaotic environment. Please respect these and enjoy!


Damnation RP, VA RP, NA RP


Please feel free to join the CCS Support Group. The CCS Support Group is where you can ask questions about the CCS system and get help with any problems you are having.

Preface: The Damnation chain is an English speaking chain of sims on the northern CoLA continent. English is the language to be spoken in open RP at all times. If you do not speak or understand English, please use a translator. Exception: German may also be spoken openly in the Vampires Asylum sim only.

The rules contained in this document are intended to be used as a guideline for the RP requirements throughout the Damnation chain of sims and are not to be considered a complete set of rules of regulations. Where an issue is not addressed within this document, please consult with a GM who will render an interpretation of the chains response to any such issue that is not addressed herein.


1) You do not have a right to be an asshole. Treat others as you wish to be treated. In simple terms…..play nicely, considerately, and enjoy!

2) Child Avatars:
Child Avatars are not allowed within the chain. These are adult sims, where adult things happen all day, everyday. We've tried to allow child avatars with the no sex/violence rule, but it almost always caused a problem. If your avatar looks like a child you will be warned that you need to change it or you will be sim or chain banned.

3) Vehicles/Flying
Do not rez cars or other vehicles in the city. The chain is a no fly zone. Do not use flight gadgets in the sim. ***

***A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!

4) Race groups/Faction groups:
Factions are located throughout the chain. These groups have their own rich backstory and style of playing, each of them offering something different so there are plenty of styles to choose from.

We are always open to the idea of new and additional faction groups within the chain. This can be accomplished by providing a write up and background information on your factional model to a sim administrator that you wish to base your faction out of. At that time the GM team will review the information you provided before making a final decision.

5) Poaching:
Poaching is the act of going into a community and deliberately trying to pull players from said community in order to strengthen another. We expect that people from other factions, other sims and other combat systems would not poach from us and in return we expect the same of our players and staff when visiting other sims.

Internal poaching within the chain is not allowed either, attempting to pull people from one faction into your own in a IC or OOC manner is strictly against the rules. Faction hopping in general is frowned upon but it does happen and when it does it needs to be strictly the players decision to leave one faction and join another. To help avoid drama, when accepting a new member into your faction, who was just in another, you should OOCly speak to the leader of that faction and make sure they know, as a courtesy.

Please note that cross-sim RP within the Damnation chain among players and factions is encouraged to expand upon the RP possibilities and to assist in providing a fun and diverse playing environment throughout the chain.

6) Vendors:
Commercial spaces are available throughout the chain and are available to be rented by simply paying the rental box located in front of the commerical space available. Commercial sales are not permitted in residential areas throughout the chain, and are not allowed outside of approved locations as indicated on the rental box. If you have questions or concerns regarding commerical rentals, please ask to speak with a Sim Administrator.

7) The CCS meter:
You can get one for free in any of the chain sims, generally where you teleport in. To engage in combat of any kind, you MUST have a CCS meter equipped and on. If you simply wish to roleplay around the chain you do not need to have the meter attached or on but if you're involved in any hostile RP you are required to have your meter on, other then that, you may have it on or off at your discretion so long as you are following the rules above. Do NOT try to use the lack of a CCS meter as an excuse to avoid the consequences of your actions. Also note, that many will ignore you if you don't have your CCS meter, so be prepared for that.

RP is considered hostile if it has the possibility to provoke someone. Such as insults or spying on a factional base.

Your CCS meter must be visible and readable when you are wearing it. Bright color and above your head.

8)CCS camping:
Camping means you are not at your keyboard, not able to respond to those that approach you in roleplay or in combat. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. After 5 minutes of being unresponsive, your CCS may be detached and it is possible you may be cited for being idle or camping and be ejected from the sim you are in. A warning will be placed on your CCS database sheet and repeated camping offenses will result in XP loss and eventual removal from CCS entirely.

Do not try to hide someplace out of the way in the sim or physically within the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky. If you aren't in a easily accessible/visible place where people can reach your to roleplay or combat you, then you'll be asked to move.

Being on rooftops is permitted, but we ask that you not remain there alone for an extended period of time. These are RP sims, and as such, you should be RPing whenever possible while wearing an active meter. You are subject to be asked to move into a more populated RP area if requested by a GM.

Home owners or Apartment renters may hang out within their homes or apartments all they want. If you have your CCS on and active, your door must remain unlocked. You will still be subject to Idle checks by the GM staff or RP by players in the sim.

Some advice to perhaps to assist in your not falling victim to a potential camping offense include:

a) Removal of any anti-idle devices
b) Set your Busy/Away timer to between 5 and 8 minutes. Once SL shows you as Away, the meter should go into a non-com state.
c) Simply go to the meter menu and select OFF when you plan to run off for even just a moment. We all realize that at times, that short moment can become a much longer period should issues in RL arise. Just return to your meter menu and select ON when you return.

9) Gestures/Sounds:
Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and RARELY. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is ANNOYING. Because child avatars are prohibited, children's voices and giggles or laughs are strictly prohibited. Party or cartoon sounds, even during a sim IC or OOC party event are also prohibited. Out of character gestures are NOT allowed at any time.

Imagine your character were a real being in the real world. Imagine what your gesture would sound like in that context. If you feel that that is the sound you would make in real life, it's probably ok.


10) Shouting:
Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role play. OOC shouting is prohibited.

11) Harassment:
The Damnation chain is a dark, free form role play simulation. Activities many regard as "evil" are typical throughout the chain . Slavery, rape, murder, theft and random violence are all appropriate in a post-Apocalyptic world. Demons, vampires, lycanthropes, creatures from other planes, rapists, serial killers and similar creatures all roam the streets. This means that *characters* often act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways. This is to be expected given the nature of the simulation.

In-character protests often do not deter such activity because many *players* come to the sims looking for such things, regardless of what their *character* might want. If you do not wish to role play certain activities or with certain players then it is best to IM the other person out-of-character (OOC) and politely explain you are uncomfortable and find something you can roleplay that the both of you will enjoy.

Reminder: Using IC to hide an OOC grudge is frowned upon and strictly forbidden. If you are found to be doing so, please refer to Rule #1, and expect to find an administrative foot in your behind.

12) CCS or Sim Bans:
If you truly do feel that you have been CCS banned unjustly or a GM was abusing their power, speak to a Sim Administrator or make a thread on the "CCS - Ban Appeals" forum thread at http://ccs-gametech.com/. Please follow the rules on the forum and post your appeal in the designated format.

Sim Bans for whatever reason are not debatable and may not be overturned by a Global GM or Admin or anyone other than a Sim Administrator. Please see the Sim Administrator if you feel you were sim banned unjustly or wish to appeal such a ban.

13) Reporting problems:
Any issues, questions, instances of rules violations or any other problems that you are unable to work through respectfully with the other party can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter. Please be polite and straight forward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of a Sim Administrator or Czar Sadofsky.

Any accusations of cheating/metagaming/or any violation of any rule, must be brought to a GM to be addressed. Do not make public accusations of cheating. Disrupting the game with OOC complaints in local chat or sim groups will result in your temporary removal from the sim or worse.

14) Rezzing objects:
Rezzing objects is permitted in the chain because RP sometimes requires various props, objects, pose balls and so forth to be added to the sim. Objects left lying around the sim count against the overall prim limit of the sim and reduce the amount for others to use so please pick them up when you're done using them. Renters, of course, can leave items in their homes or apartments within their prim limits. Persistent disregarding of this rule or rezzing a large number of objects will result in disciplinary action. The Damnation chain is not a building zone.

15) Out of character:
Statements made out of character within the chain and most other RP communities is signified by speaking ((in brackets)). This is so your fellow players know what you are saying is not in character and helps minimize confusion between IC (in character) and OOC(out of character) statements. The CCS HUD also provides an OOC tool, which listens on channel 22. To speak OOC using this method, type /22, followed by your text", after (( in brackets ))

Statements that are Insulting, argumentative or those made in anger, stated OOC to other members of this community are completely PROHIBITED. If you have an issue that you feel requires the intervention of a mediator, contact a member of the GM Team.

The Damnation chain supports every players right to freedom of speech, but please, bear in mind that being an ass about it will not be tolerated.

You are also entitled to have an OOC discussion with a GM that is handling your case, and to even question the actions taken. But please remember, to be respectful and courteous about such discussion. And once a matter has been concluded, it is concluded, and upon advisement of the GM, is not open to further debate. This is not meant to trample upon your right to freedom of speech, but instead, to place a formal ending upon a discussion that can not be taken further at that point to any resolution. Kindly seek the assistance of a Sim Administrator if you wish to further engage in any such discussion. If one is not immediately available, please just leave word and you will be contacted ASAP.

16) Meta-gaming and Emoting:
Meta-gaming is defined as: When a player has become aware of or told about information Out of character (OOC) pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline, situation or other player and then, by means of role play, uses that information either to their own benefit or as a means to interact with/against other players.

Meta-gaming can include the use of radars or other devices which can show you the location of another player. Such devices should not be used within the chain.

This is extremely aggravating for those players and staff who are trying to provide fun and possibly in-depth stories for the players in the chain and is therefore prohibited in the game.

Tip: It would be considered meta-gaming to directly use the name of a character from having read their name above their head (Example: "Hello Czar" - When you have never met Czar or have IC knowledge of who Czar is). Remember, unless you have been formally introduced, or have direct IC knowledge of that players name….you do not know them!


Emoting has at times been confused with Meta-gaming, but by technical definition, is not considered to be meta-gaming.

Emoting is an enhancement to RP because everything in RP is typed out. There are no facial expressions or visible ways to know what one avatar is thinking, feeling, observing, or otherwise. Adding expression and information which is helpful to the RPers on the scene is often a very helpful practice and increases the dynamic of the RP itself.

In our example of Meta-gaming above, we explained that by saying "Hello Czar", when you have no IC knowledge of who Czar is , is a popular example of Meta-gaming. Now through the use of emoting, a player is able to cite Czar's name as in this example "Melanie looks around and notices Czar taking a cookie from the cookie jar……she walks over and lunges forward to slap Czar's hand…..I do not know who you think you are mister, but you had better get your hand out of my cookie jar!" In this example, it is assumed that Melanie does not know Czar, but she is referring to him in RP, to provide the necessary information that she is directing her RP at him especially if there were to be other players present. This would NOT be considered Meta-gaming, as Melanie did not DIRECTLY address Czar by name, when she does not know it, she is only providing additional information to enhance the RP by emoting.

If you have questions or are not clear how Meta-gaming or Emoting differ, please, request to speak to a GM at anytime.

17) Communications Units/Translators.
Factional comm units must be physical and visable objects that are worn by the players and can be removed from a player in roleplay. They must be obvious when used. i.e /me uses their comm device. If it doesn't look like an obvious comm device, you must clearly say what actually is the comm device in the RP. ie. /me rubs the coin that acts as a comm device.

Comms cannot be used during combat. Once the fight has started, you cannot call for help over your comm, you can only run to get help.

Roleplay language translators are for IC use only as well. There should be no bracketed or OOC text in translators, just as there should be none in comm chat. They are IC tools and should be used ICly only. If you need to ask your faction an OOC question, use your factions group chat or IM's, DO NOT use the comm devices or translators.

18) Faction chat/group chat:
Can be used as IC as long as it isn't about any current roleplay that is happening at that very moment. The faction chat should be used to talk or update each other on past events or future event planning, IC or OOC.

19) God Modding:
God modding is negating everything someone does towards you or against you in RP because your character is so uber awesome ie, a GOD. This is silly and people who godmod will not only receive a ban for repeated offenses, but will likely be branded by the playerbase as someone who isn't worth roleplaying with and you'll find time in all RP sims a very lonely time. Players must realize that ALL CCS races are subject to harm in some way!

Tip: Always state that you are ATTEMPTING an action. For example, You throw a rock at Player A. You are now giving Player A the opportunity to dodge the rock if they RP it correctly. Try not to assume that every action will work, or get angry if it is countered. This is normal game play, but nobody is invincible!

20) Use of internal or external Voice chat programs:

The use of voice, and or Skype or Ventrilo voice chats are forbidden to use for roleplay or combat.

It is an external system, it is meta-gaming, and thus shall not be used in conjunction with CCS combat.

Voice is off throughout the chain for a reason, it does not foster nor support role play interaction.

21)RP Limits:
Personal roleplay limits are allowed if you're uncomfortable with a certain roleplay. This is for people that truly find a particular roleplay disturbing on a certain level.

If you have a certain type of roleplay as a limit, you cannot perform that roleplay on others.

Excessive or unreasonable RP limits may be questioned by a GM and you may be asked to either revise such limits or RP elsewhere. This is not Disneyland and as mentioned before, is a Dark, free form, adult RP environment.

22) Fade to Black (FTB) and Left In Scene (LIS)

If you need to log off or the RP is going in a direction that makes you uncomfortable or breaks one of your limits, you may Fade to Black (FTB). If you fade to black, you MAY NOT engage in combat or RP again with the other party (parties) for at least 24 hours.
You do not have to leave the sim, but you must leave the area of the RP scene.

Exception: If a particular action within the RP is agreeably FTBed for personal reasons by the players involved, you MAY CONTINUE with the RP and forego the 24 hour separation. This would not be applicable however if the entire scene (RP) itself is FTBed.

Fading to black is NOT the same as an administratively voided scene. When you fade to black, you simply fast forwards, skipping whatever portion of the RP that would make you feel uncomfortable, if not the whole scene. Your character is STILL AFFECTED BY THIS.

Fading a scene should be avoided at all costs. Talk in IM's with the other people involved, compromise and remember that this is just RP. If you need to leave (log off) then you need to leave but still, come to a compromise on what happened to your character in your absence and RP the effects the next time you log on.

Abusing the fade to black rule will result in disciplinary action. It is not a way to avoid having to do defeat RP. Keep in mind RP is for everyone, not just for you. By fading to black, you are taking away from other people's RP and in turn, people may not wish to RP with you as often.

Left In Scene :

If a player has to go for RL or has to leave urgently or crashed, you have the option to request LIS, whereby the RP will be continued when all RPing parties are online together again. This is not FTB. LIS ( Left in Scene ) simply means that the RP was paused and to be continued when all parties involved are together again, thus Left in Scene in other terms means that the RP is To Be Continued ( TBC ).

Reminder: You must have a resolution before leaving an RP scene. Either it has ended, your captor has set you free, or a host of possibilities, including the above. Leaving a scene for any other reason without there having been a determination is strictly prohibited.

23) Death/Permanent injury:
You can only inflict death or permanent injury with the consent of the other party.

24) GM Shopping
Decisons of a GM who has rendered a decision concerning a case or indicident are final. If you feel the decision rendered is not fair, you may request the name of a Sim Administrator who will review the case. The Sim Administrator will either uphold or modify the decision based upon the evidence presented, and you will be advised of any further steps that you may take if you are again not happy with the result.

Seeking the counsel of any other GM during the process of case review is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. The process is in place for a reason and shall be strictly adhered to.

When a player requires the assistance of a GM, they are to utilize the GM call function located within the meter. Players are NOT to utilize their Friend's List or other means of calling a GM unless special circumstances apply, such as your having placed a GM call, to which nobody replies. Asking a friend to come and GM the matter instead of following protocol is strictly prohibited and can result in disciplinary action within this guideline. Manipulative behavior in an attempt to effect a favorable result for one's self will not be tolerated.


25) While in the Damnation Chain, you may be the target of CCS combat anywhere at any time. There are no safezones. It is asked that you do not fight in the primary TP points where people rezz and teleport in but even that is not an actual safezone. There are no safezones in the chain. (It is adviseable, but certainly not required, to ensure that you are fully rezzed before leaving a TP area)

26) Going Non combative is only allowed when you haven't been involved in any hostile roleplay or combat for at least 10 minutes. If you need to go AFK for a few minutes, you must turn your CCS back on upon returning if someone requests it.

27) Once you have made a melee attack, shot at someone or used an offensive skill, you are to consider yourself in combat. To be melee attacked or shot also initiates combat, as does the use of a defensive skill.

28) Fighting using physical weapons, such as a sword requires that you wear your CCS Meter. When RP fighting is used instead of CCS combat, it's something that both parties need to agree upon beforehand OOCly. If someone doesn't agree to RP combat, they still have every right to defeat you with CCS.

29) Roleplay is not required of someone that attacks you and defeats you before or after the fact. It is ENCOURAGED and in most cases, it fits. An IC reason for any CCS attack upon another player or players IS REQUIRED however, and you must be prepared to cite a plausible reason if requested by a GM.

Repeatedly attacking others without RP however, is prohibited, and you may be asked to leave the sim. Although not required in individual cases, RP is what we are all about, and if your only intention is to attack, attack, and attack, please….take it somewhere else.

Most players should initiate roleplay after a battle. However there are certain types of characters like assassins, muggers, insane asylum escapees and douchebags, that aren't going to stick around after the fact. The burden of roleplay is on the victim. If they're left in the alley, then crying for help would be a good start to bring some roleplay to what just happened to you.

30) If you are using melee combat, you need to have an animation that shows your character attacking. You may not engage in melee combat without a visual indication that you are actually attacking.

31) No movement enhancers while in combat. No dashers, no flash steps, no gadgets that make you phantom, no jumpers or flight assists, wall climbers, etc. Using any form of enhanced movement or teleportation will result in disciplinary action.

Due to the height of some buildings within the chain, you may use a jump enhancer to enter combat if you have no other means of getting onto a roof or other high up platform that someone may be sniping you from. Abuse of this privilege will result in disciplinary action as well.

32) Turning off, removing, or resetting your CCS meter is illegal during combat. Once all RP associated with the combat is over, you may remove your meter if you wish. Removing your meter or resetting it during combat to avoid defeat or regain health, however, is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action.

33) Weapon stacking is not allowed, regardless of who you are or reason. You are allowed to use, at maximum, two one handed swords, two one handed guns, one two handed sword or gun, one melee hud, OR one single handed sword and a single handed gun. Equipping a two handed weapon and a one handed weapon or melee hud at the same time is NOT allowed. If you are caught weapon stacking, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

In addition, the Ten Commandments, as published by Suzanna on the CCS website, shall be strictly adhered to as per CCS mandate.


34) You may not IM or teleport other people into the sim while in combat. If you are observing a fight and wish to call for help, you must run, in game, to the person you are seeking. To prevent long, drawn out, over the top CCS fights, we ask that you do NOT use your comm to call in reinforcements, even when observing a fight. TPing your friends in during non-combative RP is allowed, but once a situation has become combative, it is strictly prohibited.

Fights in the Damnation sim itself are limited to a total of 20 participants at any given time. If the number of participants exceeds this limit, a GM may stop the fight and ask that the RP be continued elsewhere. Failure to abide by this condition can result in disciplinary action.

35) Any sort of combat is supposed to have a definite end. Fights are not supposed to go on endlessly as each side summons more and more reinforcements from factions and friends who are outside the sim doing other things or who just happen to get online.

The victorious party should not be subjected to endless rescue missions as captured players use all sorts of means to continually let friends, family and factions know of their predicament. Role playing defeat is not something to avoid but a means for your character to grow. Look upon defeat as a positive thing and use communication sensibly.

Fights in the Damnation sim itself are limited to a total of 20 participants at any given time. If the number of participants exceeds this limit, a GM may stop the fight and ask that the RP be continued elsewhere. Failure to abide by this condition can result in disciplinary action.

36) If you crashed during a group fight, you must wait at least 5 minutes before rejoining the battle if it is still going. If the fight is already over, it's best to come into the RP on whichever side your group is currently in, whether they won or lost.

37) CCS healing beds/poseballs cannot be used while in combat. You may not re-enter combat after using a heal bed/poseball for 10 minutes. There is no fighting while you are on a hospital bed.

Only CCS approved enhanced items or healing balls can be used to heal after combat.

In the event you are attacked while on a heal bed you must get off the bed to retaliate. Attacks against players who are using a hospital heal bed MAY occur but are discouraged.

38) Do not use any device that turns you invisible during combat. No devices or any items that make your avatar invisible are permissible during combat. This includes cloaking devices, gadgets that sink your avatar into the ground or any device that renders your avatar invisible to direct line-of-sight to another player.

39) Corpse camping is where you stand around a body and wait for the person to revive and then defeat them again with the sole intention of being a jerk. CCS killing someone who is trying to flee or fight again is allowed, even if they've just rezzed.

*Combat level stats are defined as health/stam > 100

If the revive is due to a timer, a racial skill, or if revived by another, if you are already RPing, your character bound or trapped, you should continue to roleplay the scene, not negate it because CCS decided to revive you.

40) Revives:
During one on one combat, you should role play being hurt after you have been defeated. You should not immediately revive and attack someone. The racial revives allow you to recover early and maybe escape. If a healer revives you after single combat, you should still RP being injured.

*Combat level stats are defined as health/stam > 100

*You MAY NOT rejoin group combat after being defeated through the use of Natural Revive. This speaks to combat having an eventual END to it. If you were defeated and your victors did not RP doing anything with you, you are still DONE. If they did RP your capture, then you may re-enter the RP as an injured/captured player at that point.

EXCEPTION: In group combat scenarios a player can rejoin combat if they are resurrected by a healer and healed back to combat level statistics.

Group combat is defined as having 3 or more participants making any action that involves them in a fight. i.e. use of Offensive, Support or Healing skills, attacking another party in the combat situation, etc.

41) When you're defeated in CCS combat, it's just the same as if you were defeated in a long drawn out roleplay combat. With your health at 0, you cannot fight back anymore, not thru CCS and not thru roleplay. You are at the mercy of the victor.

42) Post combat OOC comments:
Whether from the victorious party gloating or the loser complaining will not be tolerated. If there is a REAL issue consult a GM immediately otherwise keep it IC RP only. OOC insults and rude comments will result in disciplinary action. This includes negative comments or insults made in IMs as well as in the open. Be an adult about things, it is only a GAME.

Disruptive, public and OOC complaints:

There will be no more OOC complaints or bitching about other players, other factions, or anything at all within the Damnation chain. This includes general chat, group chats and factional group chat. If you have a gripe please utilize the CCS Website's rants and raves forum.

43) No Moving Corpses:
Once you are defeated then you are defeated. You must wait until you revive naturally or are revived by a healer or through a racial skill. You are not permitted to move unless you are being dragged or moved by another as part of a roleplay. Also a suggestion, try to turn off your AO while defeated so the Override standing animation doesn't confuse anyone.

Exception: In larger, group combat scenarios or competitions, you may remove yourself from the field of battle to avoid being inadvertently hit with melee and skills being used by players who have not yet been defeated.

Reminder: Please be aware that lag may affect movement for a moment or so!

44) Sim Border Abuse:
As we all know, SL is broken into sims and as a person crosses from one sim to another, they lag terribly. Running from sim to sim within he chain in an attempted escape is acceptable. You are allowed to try and flee and in your attempt to escape your attacker, you are allowed to run as far and wide as you wish until CCS defeated or you escape. One thing that is not allowed, however is sim jumping. Sim jumping is repeated sim crossing. Purposely abusing the lag generated by a sim cross in order to gain advantage over your enemy.

Sniping across sim borders is ALLOWED.

45) Use of Skills through Walls:
Is permitted PROVIDED that the RP is sufficient to support the action that was taken. Skills are often to be considered as magical actions, and therefore, the use of such skills upon someone behind a wall may be permitted if supported by adequate RP to make such an action plausible. The decision to allow it or not will rest in the hands of a Sim GM if the action is questioned. Please be prepared to show your RP logs if you intend to skill a player in this manner.

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