Cyborg Rules For Crossroads

Welcome to Crossroads. We are a Victorian era Goth style Roleplaying sim. In trying to keep with the atmosphere of DARK Roleplay in that era, the new additon of CYBORG (as a Science Fiction Character) does not fit within our sim. If you wish to play a CYBORG here we ask that you read the following and consider this before moving ahead in your Role Play.

The CROSSROADS Sims also encomapss a majority of STEAM PUNK related imagery and ideas.

You can not have a robotic Skin (ala TERMINATOR exoskeleton) You must either have a human, animal or other type natural skin. Or if you prefer you may have an approved (by a CROSSROADS Sim GM) STEAM PUNK style cyborg skin.

We can not allow futuristic looking robots roaming the cobbled streets of our Victiorian town.

The Sim Managers hope you understand and will make the appropriate changes to your Role Play to accomodate this. However flagrant disregard to this policy will result in immediate ban.

Thank you for coming to Crossroads and we hope you enjoy your time here.

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