Crossroads Rules

(This notecard contains the Crossroads rules as they existed on 7 August 2012.

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CROSSROADS-A Dark Roleplay Community, Rules v. 080712

*~ Welcome to Crossroads Roleplay Community! ~*

Crossroads 1896!

~Table of Contents~

Section 1: Acknowledgments as Players
Section 2: General Sim Rules
Section 3: CCS Meter Rules
Section 4: Visitors/Observers
Section 5: Weapon Rules
Section 6: Allowed Avatars/Clothing
Section 7: Camping
Section 8: Object/Prim Rules
Section 9: Fade to Black Rules
Section 10: Faction/Tag Rules
Section 11: Combat Rules
Section 12: Miscellaneous Rules

Section 1: Acknowledgments as players

Crossroads Dark Roleplay Community is owned by Ravenal Ashby. This community stands for roleplay before combat. Please understand while both are legal here, combat can not commence without sufficient roleplay before or afterwards.

Crossroads is set in the year 1896 in or about Transylvania, Romania. We offer full VTM and WOD roleplay set in the Victorian Era. There are various races in Crossroads including Fae, angels, demons, lycans, vampires, human, etc.

Free-form Roleplay: Free-form roleplay signifies few or no rules regarding character creation and it can often be a ticket to being all powerful. Thus at Crossroads we ask for roleplay that makes sense with characters who play on both their strengths and their weaknesses. Races are limited to a hybrid of two but staying one race is strongly recommended.

Crossroads is here for you to be an actor on our stage. Please stay in character at all times, leave OOC behind and most of all, have fun!


Ignorance or claiming you haven't read these rules is not a valid excuse.

CCS: By entering Crossroads, you agree that you obey the rules of Crossroads and the license agreement for the Community Combat System (CCS) the following of which is mandatory within Crossroads and its linked communities.

  • You agree that you will follow the instructions given by the Crossroads Staff who can be identified by the “Crossroads GM (OOC)” above their head.
  • You agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you have legal majority during your stay in Crossroads Communities according to your local legislation and have not been declared legally a minor due to circumstances described in the aforementioned legislation.
  • You agree that the rules of Crossroads prevail OVER other rules and regulations. When a decision of a member of the staff is challenged, you agree that you shall comply FIRST. Any complaint brought to us via the forum ( or the Lead GMs will be thoroughly checked and judged based on the sim rules, the Second Life Terms of Service and common sense. The lead GMs will then decide whether to reverse the ruling and will respond in the forums accordingly. *Lead GMs or the Owner of Crossroads should not be contacted directly to complain about rulings by GMs. All appeals must go through the forums!
  • Your Second Life character is older than 10 days. Any character younger than that will asked to gain Second Life experience for 10 days before returning. The only exception to this is if they are an experienced roleplayer. In this case you will need to contact a GM to have a case by case evaluation done before being mentored and added to the XR group.
  • You agree to allow GMs the use of logs for the purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion other than to determine game rule violations. Furthermore, copies of instant messages will not be used in world unless approved by you.

Section 2: SIM Rules




RULE I: BAD ATTITUDE: You do not have the right to be a jerk towards anyone for any reason other than IN CHARACTER based on your character’s roleplay.

RULE II: OOC DRAMA: OOC Drama in Crossroads will result in an immediate CCS dock and/or ban from Crossroads. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE of OOC drama.

IC/OOC talk:

All chat is considered “in character” or IC, meaning it is being said by the character whose role you are playing. “Out of character” or OOC communication means the player speaking must use the /22 command. Please keep OOC comments to a MINIMUM or take them to IMs (preferably). When communicating OOC, please respect your fellow players and be polite. OOC insults/provocations will result in immediate GM action. You are free to insult people IC, but it needs to fit your roleplay. Attempting to hide OOC insults behind IC comments will not be tolerated. Dialogue or behaviour that is generally considered offensive or inflammatory such as RL racism, RL political views, RL religious issues, child abuse, animal sex, etc., has no place whatsoever in Crossroads.

No emoting insults as they can not be responded to ICLY.

OOC drama includes passing notecards of IMs and spreading OOC rumours. Furthermore passing IM notecards around is against the SL TOS.

RULE III: CHILD AVATARS: Because of the strict laws of Second Life regarding child avatars, Crossroads will not allow child avatars in the community. We do not allow tummy talkers or prim babies that spam chat. It is at the discretion of the owner of Crossroads to determine what constitutes a child avatar.

Section 3: CCS Meter Rules



VISIBILITY: Your meter must be VISIBLE and READABLE. Do NOT color your meter black or dark red. Those colors are difficult for a GM to read.

WEARING YOUR HUD/METER: Crossroads is primarily a roleplay community. Combat should only be used to enhance roleplay!

You are not allowed to engage in combat or aggressive roleplay without wearing an active CCS combat meter. A CCS meter can be obtained in the Crossroads telemall or our arena. Attacking someone without a meter is not allowed. If a player who is behaving aggressively refuses to use a meter, please contact a GM through the Crossroads Dark RP channel.

Do not remove or turn off your combat meter during fights or after you have been defeated. Do not turn off your meter to avoid an impending attack.

If you wear a CCS combat meter, you are a valid target at all times. Roleplay is required either before or AFTER combat. If you attack someone, you NEED to have a valid IC reason. Explanations like "He looks ugly" are not acceptable. Crossroads is a roleplay community and not a combat sim. Don't attack people who are non-combative. You are not required to wear a combat meter or be com-on to roleplay. If you roleplay with your meter set to non-com, your roleplay can't be aggressive or provocative to other players. You cannot investigate enemy territory or private residences while non-com. In such cases, other players can ask you to wear your combat meter or to leave the area.


Fighting always has to be roleplayed before or after as previously stated. However, it is the choice of the player whether to roleplay a fight or do it via combat using the ccs system. Either way is acceptable. If roleplay combat is to take place, it must be with agreement from ALL parties involved (INCLUDING CLANMATES) - otherwise normal meter combat will commence. You CAN NOT turn off your meter and refuse combat if the other party prefers meter combat.


For ranged attacks the player must IM or say (Shout) in Local either before or after the attack.

Good Example (RP AFTER):

Ravenal Ashby Shouts: /me looks down in satisfaction at another job completed as her victim lays motionless … she then sets out to find the one who hired her to collect the assassin fee.

Bad Example:

Ravenal Ashby: (said where the victim cannot hear) jumps off the roof and continues with her day.

C. CCS Healing/Defeat/Revive:

Healing: CCS healing beds/poseballs cannot be used while in combat. You may not re-enter combat for 10 minutes after using a heal bed/poseball. If you are attacked by (someone NOT of your clan) you may return to combat sooner.

Only CCS approved enhanced items or healing balls can be used to heal after combat.

Only beds located in the Hospital can be used to heal after combat. One healing device per home is allowed in the residential sims.

In the event you are attacked while on a hospital bed you must get off the bed to retaliate. Attacks against players who are using a hospital bed ARE LEGAL.

Defeat: CCS defeat is not death. When you have been defeated in combat, you are at the mercy of your captor. They do not have to TRY or ATTEMPT anything at that point. They have you in their control 100% action wise. Brain washing or altering your mind is up to your RP. Be reasonable and vulnerable. In RP fights you DO have to TRY or ATTEMPT but not in CCS defeat. In CCS defeat you are weakened, hurt, not able to miraculously escape from your bindings, stocks or cage You can attempt to be defiant but are at the mercy of the victorious party. NO RP COMBAT AFTER CCS DEFEAT.

Do not use CCS skills while held captive (i.e. in bindings). Doing so is a refusal of defeat and is punishable.

Once you are defeated you must wait until you revive normally or are revived by a healer or through a racial skill. You are not permitted to move unless you are being dragged or moved by another as part of a RP. Talking while defeated is allowed, as long as you roleplay it properly. You may “gasp for breath”, “writhe in pain”, etc. Don't forget, you are seriously wounded, near dead and at the mercy of the victorious party.

Revives: After a revive you should RP being hurt. Even if your character has a racial revive ability, you should RP some sort of injury. You should not immediately revive and attack someone. EXCEPTION: in group combat scenarios, a player can rejoin combat if they are naturally revived and are acting as wounded fighters trying to protect their own. ((If healed back to 100% by your own group, then you do not have to fight wounded!))

D. Capture: Please do not hold captives capture for more than one hour or until the end of the battle in which the capture occurred.

E: Corpse Camping:

Corpse camping is where you stand around a body and wait for the person to revive and then kill them again with the sole intention of being a jerk. CCS killing someone who is trying to flee or fight again is allowed.

Section 4: Visitors/Observers


Visitors who wish to explore and who do not wish to engage in combat or role-play must wear an “Observer” tag. The tag is available in the telemall. As a visitor you are not allowed to participate in roleplay and cannot wear an active CCS meter. If you are a former player, please do NOT come back as a "Visitor."

Section 5: Weapon Rules


Only one CCS enhanced weapon may be worn at any one time. Second chance is not a CCS enhanced weapon


Enhanced Ranged: Only Bows/Thrown Weapons are allowed, with the exception of the Delta Project Historic Weapons which are sold at the gun shop at the docks in the RP level of the sim or at the entrance of the telemall. If you have a question about your specific ranged weapon, please contact a member of the XR staff, via the Dark RP chat.


Animations in fights: If you are a melee fighter, armed or unarmed, then you need to have an animation that shows your character is attacking. You cannot engage in melee without some indication you are actually fighting.

Shields/ Radars/Security Huds: The use of NON-CCS avatar shields of any form is not allowed. This of course does not include CCS enhanced shields that represent shields that would be carried by a warrior. The same goes for radars (as well as multi-tools like MultiGadget or Mystitool). We know that they provide many functions, but they are radars as well, which would give you an unfair advantage and are therefore prohibited. In addition, anyone found to be using a mini-map or a radar to locate another player is subject to GM action.

Section 6: Allowed Avatars/Clothing


The Crossroads theme is High Victorian Gothic as it existed in 1896 in or near Transylvania, Romania. Please honor the attire (gothic attire is fine) and technology of the period. Please don't use Transformer, Tech or similar avatars which do not fit the sim environment unless have a valid RP reason for doing so. No latex, no modern “mini” skirts, no shiny modern material or near nudity please (as a normal outfit). Clothing such as silks which would be appropriate for your character is allowed.

Section 7: Camping


Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play (either openly or in IMs), and basically just doing nothing in order to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you must go AFK for a short period (10 to 15 minutes) please turn off your meter or set yourself to BUSY which stops you from earning experience. If you will be gone for a longer period, it is better to set your avatar to "BUSY".

Do not try to hide anywhere in the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky) or try to hide your CCS meter in the sim.

RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be RPing or engaging Crossroads related activities for an extended period, then please turn your CCS off.

Section 8: Object/Prim Rules


You are only allowed to rez an object in this sim if it contributes to the roleplay and has been pre-approved by staff to rez. All created objects must be removed immediately after use. Rezzing of unneeded objects or spamming objects is considered griefing.

Flying/prim sitting: Flying is NOT allowed in this sim. In the event a Second Life bug should enable flying, please refrain from using it. Do not use prim sitting to get in places you would not be able to reach otherwise. The only exception is if you become stuck under ground or in an out of play area. Please announce in open chat before taking action to eliminate unneeded staff calls by other players. The use of jump enhancers during combat is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Use of CCS skills through walls: The use of CCS based skills or shooting with guns through walls or prim windows is forbidden. You always need a clear line of sight to shoot or skill a person. This includes offensive, support and healing skills. Skilling or shooting through an open door or window IS acceptable. There must be an opening that you can at least get a weapon through and you must be at the opening, not 10 meters away.

Section 9: Fade to Black Rules


Fade to Black: FTB's are given on a very LIMITED and RARE basis and they must be approved by a HEAD GM! YOU CAN NOT FADE TO BLACK AN ENTIRE CHARACTER. A fade-to-black does NOT erase events. Rather it is a cut-scene through events that are to occur but have not yet.

Uncomfortable RP: If you are uncomfortable with an RP OOCly because of a real life experience, please IM your captor and ask them for a SCENE EDIT. A scene edit is a different torture. The scene is replaced with another torture. For example. Your captor was going to rape you but you IM him and inform him that you were traumatized in RL by rape. Ask that he or she go to a different type of torture. DO NOT USE FAKE EXCUSES TO ESCAPE TORTURE. We all must experience torture. It’s part of our RP.

Section 10: Faction/Tag Rules


Only Official Crossroads Faction/RP Group Tags may be worn in Crossroads. Visiting clans may wear their tags but if you are in Crossroads for more than two weeks, please wear a Crossroads tag. Wearing the tag of a banned group from Crossroads is strictly prohibited.

Factions: Factions are identified as those groups approved to exist in Crossroads solely by Ravenal Ashby or by Guiniverre Despres within the VTM Groups of Crossroads.

Absolutely no poaching is allowed from one clan to another.

Absolutely no recruiting of new members to Crossroads until they have been in the community for ten (10) days UNLESS the player specifically asks to be in a particular clan , in which case they need wait only 48 hours.


Dual Membership: You should not belong to more than one faction in Crossroads. (i.e., VOC is the faction for all Camarilla bloodlines thus you could not be in VOC and in Dominion, an angel clan).

Alliances between TWO different factions is allowed. You can make treaties and contracts as well as form alliances, BUT they have to make sense roleplay wise. An alliance between an angel and a demon faction for instance would make no sense at all and is not allowed. Please post on the forum, if you build or dissolve alliances. No more than TWO such agreements, alliances, or “friendship” deals per clan.

Racial Makeup of clans: In general we provide a faction for each race. Factions should not include too many races, which are “out of their race, RP wise.” Your clan should hold no more than 20% of out of their race members.

Section 11: Combat Rules


Wars: Wars are not to last more than five days. Find a reason to end it and move on to the next RP reason to fight. Please do not drag out animosities and hate just to hate. This is a roleplay community, not a place to hold grudges for no apparent reason. There have to be justifiable RP reasons for EACH battle/war.

General Fighting Rules:

TP’ing people into a fight right before it begins or after it begins is ILLEGAL. Shout for help or send someone to get help on foot. *Your people or faction MUST enter the combat area by foot ON THEIR OWN!!!*

If you crash during a fight, you are to remove yourself from the battle area for a period of TEN MINUTES.

Fleeing out of combat to an OOC area is not allowed and treated like teleporting out of combat.

Only ONE sim crossing allowed during a fight! It can give you or your opponent an advantage or disadvantage as a result of sim crossing lag.

Killing sprees without role play and “in character” reasons are not allowed. If you run amok, expect a GM to show up and ask you to explain your reasons.

Please do not melee under water. You may use skills underwater. Melee in the canals is allowed as they are shoulder level to the average avatar.

KOS (Kill on Sight): Three day cap unless the person KOS’D is not online. Then it is three days from the time they return to RP.

Section 12: Miscellaneous Rules


Sexual Role-play: We are a dark roleplay community and all kind of sexual roleplay is allowed if the roleplay is done with the consent of both parties. If you don't know the other party you want to start a sexual RP with, please get consent in IM BEFORE you start the roleplay. Doing this will avoid unnecessary drama.

Enhancers: Movement enhancers are only allowed while NOT in combat. As soon as you attack or get attacked, you are not allowed to use jump enhancers anymore. No flash steps, jump assists, SI blade special moves, flight assists, wall climbers, teleports, are to be used in combat. Using these enhancements is prohibited. No AO's which allow you to move faster than a normal av with an AO would allow.

Personal teleport devices are prohibited in Crossroads.

Invisibility: The use of attachments, boxes or any clothing that makes you invisible is prohibited in this sim.

Permakills: ONLY allowed if ALL parties agree and a GM approves the permakill.

Vehicles: Only wearable horses/buggies are allowed in the sim.

Gestures: Gestures and/or repetitive sounds are annoying and are NOT allowed. No laughs that can be heard across the sim. That is VERY OOC and is not tolerated.

Radars: Simply put radars are NOT allowed. Anyone found to be using a mini-map or a radar to locate another player is subject to GM action.

Vendors: No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the city without approval of Ravenal Ashby or Guiniverre Despres.

Safe Zones: There is no IC safe zone in Crossroads. There is to be no fighting in OOC areas OTHER than the arena.

Disputes: If you disagree with the outcome of a fight or suspect your opponent of cheating, remain calm. Remember that mistakes happen and lag can cause really weird things to go on during a fight. Not everyone treats CCS combat as a game to be won. Mistakes happen. DO NOT take the issue OOC! Do not make public accusations of cheating unless you have proof! Contact a GM and discuss your suspicions and offer any proof that you have. It is the GM's job to determine if a rule has been broken, not yours. Accept a GM's ruling and do not complain about it.

Calling a GM: Use your CCS hud or the DARK RP GROUP. DO NOT DIAL A GM DIRECTLY! We like to RP too! Any issues, questions, instances of rule violations or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter or wearing an "OOC Xroads Staff" tag. Please be polite and straightforward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM, you can appeal on our internet forum in the "Appeals" section at ( If you don't want to voice your complaint in public you can bring it directly to the attention of Ravenal Ashby.

Universal Rules for RP - Do not:

Metagame: A roleplayer is aware or is told (likely OOC) about information regarding a storyline. This player uses this information for his own benefit and magically solves an RP that should linger out for months but instead he solves it in 5 minutes.

Godmodding: can occur when a character describes an event or a series of events he or she has taken against another character or interactive object, most often with the purpose of rescinding negative effects previously encountered or granting some other effect inconsistent with an objective view of the narrative.

Arch Angel Ravenal (ravenal.ashby): Powergaming is roleplaying things to another player which may be impossible to do, leaving the other player without recourse. Examples of powergaming can be spouting off rp and walking off before the other player has a chance to respond.


Reducing lag: No facelights please. Please adhere to the script allowance for the sim. 500/15000 is our limit. 500 = active scripts and 15000 = your script memory.



Please join the “Crossroads - a Dark RP Community” group and register at our website at The in-world group is used to publish notices about upcoming events, important announcements as well as rule changes. All rule changes will be as well documented in the rules available in world and on the website.


The website is used to announce important messages, post rule updates, inform you of events and just to chat and have fun. You are welcome to register and become member there. It is free and fun.

CCS Support Group:

Please feel free to join the “CCS Support group”. The CCS group is where you can ask questions about the CCS system and get help with any problems you are having. Some of our GMs are also in this group, along with many other friendly knowledgeable people who will do their best to help you.

Thank you for choosing Crossroads as YOUR roleplay community!

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