Cidade Maldita CCS RolePlay Residential.
Property of the Orsiolli Oh. Any power over the land and its use are linked directly to owners of the Cidade Maldita.

The acquisition of land, agree with the terms:

• Is aware of the SL TOS and CS SL (sites below).
• For the whole state will apply a set of rules Cidade Maldita and CCS.
(The CCS rules of Cidade Maldita are in the entrance of the SIM).

• When you purchase will be closing a lease with Orsiolli Oh, becoming a member of the [ Cidade Maldita ] Alliance, where not permitted to resell or sub-lease (s);
• Your first payment should be made to acquire the land, and always need to be renewed before the due date;
• In any case we will not refund;
• The landlord has the right to share the land with one partner access to the [ Cidade Maldita ] Alliance.
(The partner will have to be registered on the rental box with the landlord. To do this click in the box, then the partner button and enter the correct name of the person in the chat)

2048sqm/468prim per 1000L$ week.
2608sqm/596prim per 1275L$ week.
2816sqm/644prim per 1375L$ week.
3120sqm/714prim per 1525L$ week.
4098sqm/937prim per 2000L$ week.

• Cidade Maldita is an urban area should therefore mandatory to maintain the style at ground level;
• You are not allowed to block: object creation, entry of objects and scripting;
• You are not allowed to ban or deny access to your parcel to a manager or a GM. You can ban specific people in case of harassment of any kind but please warn the sim owner about it;
• Your parcel must remain open and not set to group access only;
• Skyboxes will be allowed only above 450m, with the obligation to use the ground level;
• You are not allowed to use the hospital, healing or revivers balls in the soil of the land, and these are only reserved to the activities of the Cidade Maldita and a rule of CCS;
• The landlord and a partner who is registered on the rental box, will have free access to doubles XP;
• If the landlord wants to deploy a clan/faction, contact the owners of the Cidade Maldita. The access of clan/faction in doubles XP at the city, the clan/faction will have to be constantly participating in the RP at Cidade Maldita. Who will evaluate whether the group is doing this participation will be the Cidade Maldita Staff group;
• If the resident violate any of these terms or do some activity that generates damage that may bring any harm, or tarnish the image of to the Cidade Maldita Group, be aware Orsiolli Oh will evaluate and take the attitude with action was committed.

For any question, please contact Orsiolli Oh.
Broker Cidade Maldita Rev.09 - 02/February/2010.

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