Combat Clarifications Expectations August 2009 Pack


Okay, so anytime there's a rise in hostilities, there are several consistent things that come up as issues. Therefore, instead of bombarding you with 100 notices, I'm putting most of this stuff here for reference. The notecards included give additional clarifications above and beyond what you may have found on the CoLA website, and the notes have been addded by me to help clarify points of confusion.

Hope this helps, and PLEASE read!

1. Combat, SIM Crossings, Snipers
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*Note on SIM Crossing*
You can shoot across SIM borders to start a fight. Once fighting begins and is reciprocated, however, it is not acceptable to cross back and forth and continue shooting or fighting melee while exploiting technology fail of sim crossing to help your fight. You can cross sims when fighting, that's okay, just not like back and forth and back and forth as an exploit.

*Note on Reaching Snipers*
If you are sniped or shot from a shooter on a building where there is no accessible way up via walking, climbing or normal avatar reach, you may use a jump enhancer to reach them and initiate combat. Once there, you may not jump enhance away to another roof or location, same rules apply to the other person.

2. Natural Revives vs ACLS Revives & Playing Defeat

3. Appropriate Comm Use

*Note on Using Comm in "Hostile" Situation*
While it may not be detailed out black and white on the notecard, I want to clarify some perspective on what I consider the grey area. The spirit of the cross-sim comm rules are to encourage RP and increase coordination. It is not to wtf materialize everyone for a fight. A few situations as examples to demonstrate okay use and not okay use:

Situation A
You standing alone, group comes over and surrounds. Clearly, this is hostile. You may not use your comm to call for help. You may "ATTEMPT" via emote to use your comm first. If you are not stopped, you may then use your comm. If you are stopped, by say the other person either starting CCS or attempting to remove your comm, etc, you should not use your comm until the scene is resolved. Basically, you're screwed and you should hope that someone nearby sees you go down. That or just start running like hell.

Situation B
A few of you are standing around minding your own business. A couple of people come up from enemy faction. You begin RPing and it seems like the situation is getting intense (meaning, you expect CCS fighting to break out). You can, like the situation above, *ATTEMPT* to use your comm and follow the same guidelines as listed, allowing them the option of blocking the comm use. Or, you can send an in-person runner to spread the word that help is needed. Or, you can do both! :D

I think the basic rule of thumb for comms is that we want combat and CCS fight situations to be fair. If the attacking party has gone through the effort to coordinate and spring an attack on you, it is pretty lame if you can just comm in all your buddies. Especially when you know you have more 'buddies' than they do. So what if you go down in a fight, it's all for good RP. Plus, there's always retaliation and future payback!

4. Good OOC & IC Behavior
((Please read the rules on OOC, Godmodding, and Metagaming ))

Few notes on OOC
—- Asshole OOC: Breaks CoLA's Golden Rule. Not tolerated. Tempers tend to heat when CCS fights increase, and it could be tempting to go OOC to bitch or be snarky. I know I've said it before, but I'd like to reiterate that we are all professionals here, and RP should be kept as just that - RP, IC and above board. Asshole OOC violations will be met with hard spankings, not of the good kind, but of the banning variety, capiche?

—- Combat/RP OOC: While sometimes unavoidable, like if you crash and relog - you will have to state that you crashed and are out for 10 etc. However, stopping combat with OOC really isn't cool. If you think a rule has been broken - weapons stacking, corpse camping, TPing into combat, what have you, IMMEDIATELY IM a GM. Saying one thing in chat to call attention to the situation is fine. But going on and on and arguing and having combat interrupted is really a waste. Let the GMs handle it behind the scenes and in IMs so everyone else can keep having fun.

—- Random OOC: I'm very tired of telling people to stop with OOC in chat, especially when there is RP going on around you. One line of OOC commentary = acceptable. More than that, take it to IM. So, I'm telling you right now, from here forward, you will get one warning then I will begin taking XP docks for repeated offenses of disruptive OOC.

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