City Of Lost Angels

The begining of CCS.

Most CCS sims reflect the rules of this chain.

The CoLA website and forums are at

For chain background read The End of the Beginning - The Story of the City of Lost Angel's


Malice Beach Damnation
Panic Palisades North Holly Bay
Cape CoLA North Gate Pasademon Point Rampart
Saint Monicas District Lost Angels Little China Tempura City LV Casino District
Lost Beach South Gate Lost Vegas South
Kindred Bay Lost Wastelands Fear Valley CoLA Vampires Asylum

All these sims are connected, but not all are officially part of the main CoLA chain

Main cola

Cola Rules
Rules of Conduct
Weapons Rules and Guidelines
Comm Device/Group IM Rules
The Ten Commandments of Enhanced Weapon Usage

Little China - Little China Rules


This is North Holly Bay, and Damnation sims,
Damnation Rules

Vampyr Haven

Sim's Tempura City

Vampyr Haven Rules

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