City Of Embers Background

Embers City. Population 2400. Once upon a time, this place used to be a lively, bustling metropolis. Although rather small compared to most major cities, anyone that found their way here could tell you that it felt like home. Like most things in life, however, all good things must come to an end. The streets are now silent and dark. If you ask around, no one can explain how this city died so suddenly, for there is only one person that holds the answer to this.

When did all this go down? How was a city of this size exterminated so quickly and for what reason? Two weeks before the city died, a middle aged man had driven into town, bringing the calm before the storm and the fate of the citizens in his fat, stubby hands. His black suit, crooked smile and greasy combover should had been something of a sign to the cities inhabitants, but his warm charming nature took down any barriers that had been protecting them from the outsiders. They had welcomed this man into their lives, made him feel comfortable, but little did they know that he had something sinister up his sleeve and in just one night thousands of lives had been snuffed out like a flickering candle.

The explosions could be heard from miles away, ripping through the city like a chain reaction. It started in the center, stretching out like poisonous fingers as street after street was taken. Some of the city disappeared into the ocean, some became engulfed by craters caused by the earth shifting. All that was left were just a few blocks around ground zero. They thought it had been just another terror attack, that their city would become the center of the world's attention and talked about for years to come. Once communication was finally established with the outside they learned that this was not just an isolated attack. Later news would reveal that it had been a global catastrophe, many cities reported seeing strange men in black suits, roughly around the same time that Embers City had seen the arrival of their mysterious stranger…

What had caused the explosions and why? The remaining humans were now faced with the hard and daunting task of trying to rebuild their lives, one pile of rubble at a time. It was no easy road to start on, for these explosions hadnt just killed millions, it had also caused many family and friends to mutate. Old myths had finally been reborn for now the world had demons, lycans, angels, and supernaturals. The question on every human's mind was could all these new races co-exist with themselves? The small population of the now called City of Embers managed to realize that despite their diffferences, the only way they were going to make it through this hard time would be to somehow co-exist. Soon enough the different races each took shelter in the comfort of their own kinds, only a few were brave enough to intermingle…

5 years after this disaster, the city had began to flourish, most of its charm had been destroyed but the citizens did their best to keep it working. There is still a long road ahead of them and the city is a dangerous place to live. But they are working their hardest to make a brighter future for others.

Welcome to the City of Embers

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