Cidade Maldita Rules


Cidade Maldita - Rules and Information

Welcome the CCS SIM - Cidade Maldita. We hope enjoy the RP in our city, and it is a pleasant experience for you and fellow participants.

APPLICATION: All people (here are called "individuals / players / characters") that come in "Cidade Maldita" (an area of CCS) are considered already aware of the rules and have agreed with them.

- By means of these rules says that you have knowledge of the standards of your community, to observe adult erotic material, violence and / or language erotic / sexual, and this type of activity is considered acceptable, because you have age greater than or equal to majority of the laws of your country.
- You agree to comply with the Terms of Service for Second Life (SL TOS - ).
- Residents (owners of land) must additionally agree with the Cidade Maldita of Covenants.
- Avatars of children are not allowed in areas of CCS. If this fails to rule the player receives an automatic ban from SIM.

The official language this SIM is Portuguese, then ask you to enter in the city that are making use of a translator as Simbolic, Babbler, among others, for better communication with other players.



If you want to join a fight, you should use a unit of CCS. If you are in a fight is not detach your unit from CCS and it must be visible and legible at all times.
If the person is not entered in the CCS, but it can move by using the Observed Tag, but you can not stop the PR and / or combat. 􀀥

2) IT IS PROHIBITED: Other meters that aren't the CCS, fly, use super jump, super speed and scale of walls, or use of orbting cages. We do not allow use movements improved in combat (no enhancers moviments) Nor would the use of vehicles and any object that might be participating in role play, except for owners of open land, when they are on their properties.

3) PROHIBITED CAMPING IN XP'S: "Camping in XP's" is set to remain idle so only to add points of experience (XP's) without any relationship or interaction to Role Play. Camping in XP's is prohibited in Cidade Maldita and your punishment will be applied after 10 minutes.

4) DISRUPTION AND/OR INCOMMODED ARE PROHIBITED (NO HARASSMENT): An area of CCS is a simulation of dark role play. " What IC ( "in character") is IC. Nothing that happens within the RP should be sent out of the RP. If a player begins to tease OOC ( "out of character") another player, the first will be punished according to the rules of the Cidade Maldita's penalty..

5) GESTURES, SIGNALS AND VOICE: Abuse of Gestures and voice in areas of RP is prohibited. If a player feels uncomfortable, ask if you are exaggerating to stop the use of Gestures or voice, if the player continues, a GM should be called to punish those who are exaggerating.
RP is not a text message to cell phone, please avoid using symbols and abbreviations of words (ex: :) :D :-) lol kkkk pq). Use complete words and sentences grammatically well written.

6) ARENA OF THE CIDADE MALDITA: The Arena is considered OOC, and use it is for sparring and learning, so it is not permitted to use the arena as a "hiding" to avoid consequences in RP. The arena is safe, but may be declared open by the RP GMs when necessary.
- You keep a fight with another player in the arena, it must be aware and agree to the fight.
- Is not permitted the use of firearms, which is considered a weapon that shoots projectiles (which cause collisions with bullet) are not allowed.

7) METER/HUD'S BLOODLINES AND OTHERWISE: The meter/huds Bloodlines and the like, are prohibited on the islands of CCS due to various problems caused by them. If you are using one, remove it, please, so you get to the island, and keep it for as long as remain on the island. If using a visa will be asked to remove it. The refusal will lead to expulsion from the island.


All the above rules will be applied also to the course of the RP or fight.

1) RULE OF TWO ARMS IN FULL: The term of hand gun which is attached in the player. That is, no matter if gun is on the forearm, elbow, wrist or hand, the rule says no more than two weapons per player.

Only one weapon per hand is allowed. Examples authorized:

a.) two swords, one in each hand;
b) a sword and a pistol or sub-machine gun in each hand;
c) a single weapon for two heavy hands (machine guns, rifles, shotguns, to launch grenades, bazookas, etc.)
Exception: to leave the fighting more fun, allow the use of a heavy weapon + an epee (fight of hand) attached to HUD.

Note Currently there are some swords that shoot projectiles and a machine gun or pistol in this case if the player is using one of these, it can not use another at the same time.

Where there is doubt, please consult a member of the management team (GM).

2) USE OF WEAPONS MELE: Weapons Mele necessarily need show animations of attack.
Please check the attachment below on weapons: 􀀤

3) ATTACKS: No action is required from RP before attacking another player, however it is highly recommended the performance of RP before the attack. Where is there a reason to IC (in character) for the attack occurs. And this reason can be asked by a GM.
Moreover, their conduct must be reasonable. Metagaming & Godmoding are strictly forbidden.
It is also prohibited quit in the middle of a fight and go, the only exceptions to this are:
a) agreement between the players;
b) invocation of Fade to Black (FTB).

4) REZZING: Do not attack a person while it is in a state of rezzing (loading the graphics of the place). It should inform on screaming (shout): ((Rezzing)).

5) FOREING ASSISTANCE DURING COMBAT: During a fight the player can only use the chat to ask for aid. Cries (Shout), IM's, IM's to groups and teleporting during the fight, are prohibited.

6) CRASH'S: The player to lose the connection (crash) may return to fighting after 5 minutes of waiting in the "noncombative"( /9off ) and should inform screaming (shout): ((Crashed)).

7) HEALING: Only skills (skills) of the CCS and approved objects (wound balls) in the hospital are allowed into combat. If a player uses the hospital for a fight, the player will be banned from returning to combat.

8) CORPSE CAMPING: When a player is defeated, it can not be beaten again unless they return to fight the enemy attacking or helping an ally. If after the player revived course, it is attacked again without having returned to fight, and this will be corpse camping is prohibited. We ask you to relive the same course inform screaming (shout): ((Nat revives))

9) CAPTURE: Enemies can be defeated caught, (1 per person) but all rp limits must be respected. Important to respect the limits of RP of each person. You can not fight if you are holding a prisoner. How could you fight and keep the prisoner at the same time? Must be agreed to catch.

10) CLANS: Only clans from Cidade Maldita are they allowed to recruit members in the city. Any other clan can not, therefore, recruit members.

11) FTB - FADE TO BLACK: A player can use this resource to Role Play when he leaving the game (off) or the environment of the RP becomes too uncomfortable. So the player must announce in the chat "FTB" and should also call a GM and explain the reasons for the use of the FTB.


Before a player who violates the rules described above, you should use the group "[Cidade Maldita] RPG - Player CCS" to ask a GM. After analysis, the GM will determine whether any rule described above has been violated, if a violation has occurred, the player shall be subject to the following penalties:

1) the player will be warned (in case of caught camping the player will be banned 3 days)
2) dock equal at the level and 3 days ban of the SIM
3) dock equal at the level (X2) and 1 week banned of the SIM
4) dock equal at the level (X3) and 2 weeks banned of the SIM
5) dock equal at the level (X4) and 1 month banned of the SIM
6) dock equal at the level (X5), 1 weeks CCS ban and 2 month banned of the SIM
7) dock of all your XP, CCS permanant ban and SIM permanant ban

Level 1 - 5: deduction of up to 200 XP's.
Level 6 - 8: XP's deduction in 2000.
Above the Level 9: XP's deduction of 5000.

BE BANNED OF SIM: If you were banned for violating rules can contact a GM feel that the punishment was unjust or unfair. Try to make the punishment is raised several GMs will contact only with his time of punishment is increased.

These penalties, in addition to user for violations of the rules above, will also be used for discussions with GM's, or it is prohibited to discuss GM's. GM's decision is final and not subject to appeal.



orsiolli Oh (GM Admin - SIM Owner)
gratcheva Wakowski (GM Admin - SIM Owner)
obscuria Sinister (GM DB - Helper)
Rodriguinho Skytower (GM - Helper)


Rules of the Cidade Maldita. Rev 0.8 - Apr/01/2009.

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