Ccs Rules Of Alexandreia Makedonian Kingdom

Welcome to Alexandreia-Macedonia Kingdom sim.

At our welcome point you can take for free our rules note and a free translator!!
This is Sim is Greek and we are not allowed other languages excepts GREEKS and ENGLISH…. to every other language mode the rp is not Valid!!

This sim is an Rp sim and only in one little part of this sim, that is splitted with name Star Island, we are not using skills or hit damage its not a cobat zone, its safe zone, for other type of events.
Rezz point its not a safe zone place!

The rules here and the non obeyance off them might result to your ban from this sim.


- "The sim of Alexandreia will not tolerate clan raids and high level players bullying our lower level players, if you are found to be attacking our sim in a high level clan raid, you will be banned from the sim immediately, RP and consensual RP between high level and low level players is welcome, but we will not tolerate high level clan raids on this sim and will remove attacking high level clans by force."
- Without your CCS combat meter you cannot take part in Rp.

- No childish avatars, ( Whoever is caught in this sim as a child will be banned from the sim and will be reported to the global GM. This is a Mature sim).

1.- No XP camping, No weapons (Swords etc.which are not validated by the CCS)
2. No flying, No jumping animations (eg.trampolines)No restrictions of other players with any means. No modern transportation means, or anything that would cause Lag,
3. No public nudity or public sex are alowed.
4.Incase someone wants to leave their pc for any reason,then their ccs meter should be in Noncombative mode.
5. You must Rp to anyone who want to hit before, at the middle of the fight and after deafeat him when the battle is less than 10 persons for both team!!!
If the battle will be more than 10 person both team, maximum persons 20 you must rp with them at least 15 minutes from the first line of rp to the first hit.
6. You can call distress in the first 30 minutes of rp, from the first line of rp to the 30th minute after that sim is closing and noone can enter to this.
People that came after 30 minutes in sim are out of rp!!
7. You will not be able to tp out at the time of rp. Tp out is legal only from rezz point (that is not safe zone) and only you will be able to tp out with an rp, not so simple just clicking and go!
8. No ranged weapons are allowed and no explosives or weapons that can make massive hits!!
9. Do not changed weapons at the time of RP if you start with a simple katana is your choice, but you will not be able to change other weapon at the middle of the rp or at the combat time.
10. Gestures is not allowed at the time of rp. You can bind, leash, unleash,throw body, or whatever you want (respect rp limits) but use your translator and your imagination to create something more beatifull.
11. Every person can rezz on sim only 2 objects!
12. if you are on the middle of rp and tp out without reason you will not be able return at sim for 24 hours.
13. If you crash, natural revive, bug meter, non combative, or push wrong buttons on the Captcha system you can go out of Rp only if you shouted and minimum time 5 minutes!!
14. You must respect everyones RP limits and if someones dont have limits the maximum capture for him without rp is 10 minutes and you cannot transfer any victim in other sim without having rp limits at all.

OOC: out of character
If you have to talk out of character ( OOC ) use double bracketsin at the end of your sentences EXAMPLE -> Im gonna buy a pair of jeans today))


Admins kai GMs have the last saying. Admins and Gms are here to see that the Rp is running smoothly.If you are rude and impatient with the Admins and Gms expect to be thrown out or even banned.
No teleporting while in a Rp fight .
No OOC insult is allowed.
We are very strict when it comes to OOC insult here in Alexandreia which can turn an Rp fun time into something not so fun if someone is insulted. If we have any reports about insults you will be warned, is you are caught insulting again, you will be banned for a day, and any other report will be a ban for three days and even for good..Swearing insults and personal attacks will make yourself banned from the sim
No metagamming.
Metagamming is an act which you use information through OOC in RP and is strictly forbidden.
**Rented houses. Respect the rights of the owners. Do not enter personal places , because they are safe zones, do not start or accept fights in them.Dont escape in the middle of a fight in a rented house or shop


1st Violation : Warning
2nd Violation : Warning and meter taken away
3rd Violation : 3 days ban.

1st Violation : Warning
2st Violation : 3 days ban
3st Violation :1 week CCS ban

1st Violation : Warning
2st Violation : Ban from sim


AFK - Away from keyboard
RL - Real Life (rumored to exist)
CCS - CoLA Combat System
CoLA - City of Lost Angel's
FTB - Fade to black
GM - General Manager
HP - Health Points
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play


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