Carthage Main Rules

CARTHAGE MAIN RULES (Cerberus and Tsuchinoko) :

By entering those sims you agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

1. The official language of the sims is English so you HAVE to communicate in English. You can use a translator like Babbler or Simbolic.

2. No camping, no guns, no ranged weapons, no flying, no jump enhancers, no orbiting or caging. No modern vehicles, or anything that causes massive amounts of lag. That means no poofers in the arena and limited use of teleport effects. No mass destructions weapons (C4, explosives, …)
So we ask you to do the following to keep the zone lag free:
Remove all unnecessary scripted items, such as dance bracelets
Turn off all bling, sparkles, eye effects
Turn off scanners

3. It is required that you wear either an observer tag OR a CCS while you are in Carthage. You must wear a CCS combat meter to take part in combat or role play. If you are wearing an observer tag, please do not interrupt role play or combat.

4. If you are wearing CCS and engaging in role play/combat you are expected to be dressed in a medieval or old goth style. That is the time line of Carthage.

5. All RP is consensual. All TOS of Second Life apply here.

6. Combat in clan houses should be limited, combat in the tavern is NOT ALLOWED, tavern is for pure Role-Play only, if you want to fight, go outside. ALL homes outside the side gate are off limits, these are private rental homes. Combat is permitted in the streets and public buildings except for the information room at the main castle. This room is always OOC.

7. The Arena is OOC and is used for sparring and learning. Being OOC means you can talk out of character without (( )) to facilitate combat training, role Play and CCS learning. It does not mean you can use guns or break the rules. Look at the arena as a combat and role play academy.
When you are fighting or engaged in role play outside the arena it is forbidden to use the heal items inside the arena or to use the arena as a “hiding place” to avoid RP consequences.
The arena is safe but can be declared open to RP by GMs when needed. The status of the arena can be seen in arrival room (Red light and red sign = Arena is NOT safe zone and IS IC. Green light and green sign = Arena is safe zone and OOC. There is a Green/Reed status sign above arena entry too.

8. OOC insulting, racist, intolerant, … behavior, is NOT allowed.
OOC actions and behaviors that create unnecessary tensions and drama in RP, bringing OOC dramas or OOC animosity to RP is strictly prohibited.
Failure to observe these rules will lead to immediate sanctions. No warning and no discussion will occur.

9. NO child avatars under the age of 18, if you don't know if your avatar is allowed in Carthage ask Cross Voight or any GM. Anyone found on either sim as a child will be permanently banned. This is a mature sim and anyone found under 18 years will be permanently banned and reported to Linden Labs.

10. No public nudity.

11. Your presence in this sim is considered as an agreement to those rules and are a proof you are over 18 years old. Ignorance of the rules is NO excuse!

12. Absolutely no sex based age play allowed. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Breaking these rules is grounds for an immediate ban!

13. Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.

14. No Godmodding
This is, pretending to be all powerful, attacking people for no reason, and forcing RP upon people, an example of it :
"Person attacks a girl with a blade, shoving it through her heart and watches her die."
This is an example of godmoding, give people a chance to react back. The right way for this is :
"Person ATTEMPTS to attack a girl with a blade and TRIES to shove it through her heart."
If you are seen, or reported of godmoding, you will be given a warning, if again, a second warning and a 6h ban from the sim, and if again, a 3 day ban from the sim



1. No combat without some form of RP first.

2. Guns, ranged weapons, explosives, invisible shields (force fields) EVEN if CCS approved are NOT allowed. Approved CCS enchanced weapons and shields are allowed as long they fit the medieval style. A shield count as a weapon (cf : 2 weapons rule 18). If you have a doubt about your weapon, contact a Carthage GM.

3. No CAMPING (being afk for 10 minutes with the meter running) use /9 OFF to go non combative while afk.

4. No FLYING, no enhancers

5. Combatants defeated who are revived by an ally may resume fighting.

6. Combatants who die and are revived naturally by CCS may resume fighting.

7. Combatants who crash during combat may resume fighting only ONCE. At the second crash you have to go non combative using /9 OFF and are out of combat.
When logging back after the first crash you have to SHOUT : ((Crashed, Rezzing)) and 60 seconds after this you are a target again. Do NOT turn your CCS OFF.
When logging back after the second crash you have to SHOUT : ((Crashed twice, Out of combat)) and turn your CCS OFF.

8. Turning your CCS OFF for ANY reason during combat means you are OUT of combat and you are not allowed to turn it ON again until the end of the fight.

9. It is not allowed to use heal items in battle

10. Defeated enemies may be taken captive (1 per person) but everyone's personal RP limits must be respected. ( Carthage capture limit is 3 days max ).

11. Captives who are imprisoned may not escape unless freed by allies. Even if the prison is not guarded. You do not have to remain in the prison indefinitely, but you may not rp in the sim and you should be available when RP resumes.

12. Everyone RPs differently. Tolerance and patience must prevail.

13. No teleporting into or out of combat.

14. No attacking while someone is rezzing.

15. No body camping.

16. Revive
Race based auto revive : You pop up and get killed it is not corpse camping. By using an ability to revive you have become a threat again and the standard you wear a ccs you are a target rule applies.
Revived by non-enemy : You get killed again NOT corpse camping. Same as above, you are put back into combat.
Natural revive : This is when the CCS revives any race due to the time running.
If someone stands around you, not role playing, waiting for you to revive just to kill you again. This is corpse camping

17. Absolutely NO OOC insults.

18. You can fight with 2 weapons, one in each hand, such as:
- Double swords ( these count as two weapons )
- Melee (ex : Streetfighter, Fist of …) and one sword
- One sword and a shield
- One gun and one sword
- Cross bow and one sword
- etc.


Metagaming (using OOC information and bringing it IC) is FORBIDDEN
Do not use OOC info like avatar names, faction tags, CCS race, class or level unless you have learned these details IC.
Reading avatar names or tags and attacking them based on that information is metagaming.
Reading avatar's profiles to see what their role play limits are is NOT considered metagaming.
Using scanners IS metagaming. REMOVE ALL YOUR SCANNING DEVICES, CHAT RANGE DETECTORS and similar attachments.

The following applies to those who are participating in a fight or merely observing one taking place.
When calling for help during or after a fight the act of calling for help must be OBVIOUS and PREVENTABLE in some fashion.
The only way of communicating with a fellow faction member is to talk to them face to face.
To inform some of your faction members who are in another sim that you need help, you have to go back in arrival room without being killed, TP out once there, search some help and come back with them.
The use of "telepathy", other supernatural abilities, bizarre powers, carrier pigeon and other means to justify the use of personal IMs or Group IMs to summon help or to let others know of a fight is FORBIDDEN unless a GM approves it.
Such approval will only be granted in the narrowest circumstances. So keep it fun for all : NO GROUP CHAT or IM for calling backup.

Any sort of combat is supposed to have a definite end with the consequences RP'd afterwards.
Fights are not supposed to go on endlessly as each side summons more and more reinforcements from fractions and friends who are outside the sim doing other things or who just happen to get on line.
The victorious party should not be subjected to endless rescue missions as captured players use all sorts of means to continually let friends, family and factions know of their predicament.
Role playing defeat is not something to avoid but a means for your character to grow.
Look upon defeat as a positive thing and use communication sensibly.

21. NO RP / NO CLAN RP :
The NO RP must only be used when an incompatibility between two players could not be solved by the GMs attempts of reconciliation.
To officialize a NO RP, the player must write in his profile the full name of person with whom he no longer wishes to RP and keep this information in it permanently.
A NO RP cannot be added during an ongoing RP, it is not a tool to suspend a RP.

  • NO RP conditions :

- It is not allowed to add a NO RP during an ongoing RP.
- Any interaction, IC or OOC between these players is forbidden and the players must ignore one another. The player who breaks this pact the first will be sanctioned and verbal provocations will be even more severely sanctioned.
- GMs, even if NO RP are always allowed to interact with players for administrative purposes like AFK checks, respect of the rules …

  • NO CLAN RP :

The NO CLAN RP between 2 Carthage clans is NOT ALLOWED. If you do not want to Role-Play with a Carthage clan, choose another sim for your base.

Any time you feel uncomfortable with an RP you may withdraw, BUT YOU MUST LEAVE THE SIM.
Use the Fade To Black by saying ((Fade to black)), go non combative (type /9 off) and leave the sim. Feel free to contact a GM if the RP needs to be discussed to make sure it does not go beyond Carthage rules. By fading to Black you have taken yourself out of the RP and may not come back to that RP without approval from all involved.

For any questions contact a GM

Camping means you are idling in the SIM, not participating in role play, either openly or in IMs, and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
- If you are busy in IMs and unable to participate in open role play for more than 10 minutes then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off or set yourself to AFK or BUSY which stops you from earning experience. This is meant for players just standing here and doing nothing at all except replying to the GMs AFK check in IM. This does NOT mean you have to turn your CCS OFF when you are not actively role playing or sparring, but it means you have to be ABLE to participate and to react. You are a Carthage citizen, not a Carthage statue.
- If you must go AFK for more than 10 minutes then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off or set yourself to AFK or BUSY which stops you from earning experience.

RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be role playing, doing Carthage related things for an extended period or going AFK for more than 10 minutes then please turn your CCS off.

Not replying to a GM AFK check within the 10 minutes, or being idle and staying idle despite of the GM warning is severely sanctioned :
1st time : You will dock 1500 experience points and be banned from Carthage for 6 hours.
2nd time : You will dock 50% of your experience and be banned from Carthage for 1 week.
3rd Time : You will dock 100% of your experience (Yes this is ALL your experience) and be banned from Carthage for life.
Carthage GMs have the right to adapt the sanctions regarding to the severity of the infraction.

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