Bloody Mary Rules

Bloody Mary CCS Dark Roleplay +++ 8XP v3.5

- You must read the rules before entering the role play area (can't use the teleports).
- You can only entree the role play area when you wear a CCS device (no lite or other systems) or our observer. Click the CCS sign on the wall for a CCS device. A observer can be found under it. Owners and GM's send you direcly home if you don't wear it!!!
- ONLY secondlife and secondlife candidate is here allowed!!!!
- CCS lite is allowed when there are ccs issues.
- The rules are in any language at the entree/ sky mall. (Touch the flag sign.)
- Anyone from any country is welcome but the main language is english!
- We have no dress code and any race is welcome
- Skymall/ entree is no rp zone. Please go noncom if you are there longer then 10 minutes otherwise we consider it as camping.
- Entering the role play area is in character. There are no save zones or OOC places. Use brackets to type OOC. Example: (hi there, can you help me i am new)
- AVATAR RADARS: Whether on their own or part of a multi-tool (eg. multi-gadget, MystiTool, WISHMASTER, etc.), or sl viewer like GreenLife Emerald Viewer, these are banned on ccs due to the lag they cause and metagaming. We write it in your ccs profile if you use it and we consider a sim ban.
- All TOS of Second Life apply here.
- No guns, detach sheath and gun directly when you arrive.
- Bloodlines are banned from CCS, so please leave.
- No spamming or things like that.
- Don't irritate people
- No bots (only gm's and owners)
- No spiders or insects
- We can have differend rules when we have a event. You get a notecard at the entree.
- Don't give people a teleport at the role play area otherwise they don't get the rules. If you decide to do then give this person the latest rules. Give persons without CCS only a teleport at the entree (skymall) and show this person the place where to get a CCS device or our observer and let this person click the flag sign for the rules.

- Don't rezz CCS related stuff like dummy's, wounded balls, revive stuff, ect…. We remove direcly, we have a arena with this stuff.
- If you rent here or be in our group or have payed the donation tipjar doesn't mean you have a free licence to have entree if the sim is full (or when we have set no access because of a sl bug). We do our best to give renters more priority. Full is full.
- No sim benchmarks, no spy scripts then we consider a sim ban.
- Don't attack or sit on rezzed animals (dogs, birds)

- This means that you are not allowed to use a Child's Avatar, or you will be forced to leave the sim immediately!
- By entering this sim, you expressly agree that you are 18 years of age or older in real life. Misrepresentation will result in ejection from this sim along with a permanent ban.
- Nudity and sex are allowed

- As long as your Meter is in combative mode you are a part of the rp and a potential target. You must have a reason to attack which must be roleplayed in open chat with at least 1 text line. Give the other a hint for attack.
- Read the RP limits before RP. Best option is to have your RP limits posted in your profile. A good idea is to add it under your picks for players to know your limits or at about. Not having limits gives the impression that anything goes and saying your limits after the fact is not an excuse. Please take the time to add your limits to make the experience for all better.
- If you do not wish to rp or you can't RP/ fight due internet connection problems then set your meter to noncombative.
- No complains if someone use a area skill when he is in combat.

GM (Game Manager) and Estate Owners
- Ask a gm for help if other players can't help you. Many issues can be solved by non gm's. You can ask CCS related things on the "Bloody Mary" group or the "CCS Support" group.
- Obey what the gm says
- We prefer if you send a IM to one of our gm's for help. You can use the "Bloody Mary" group or the ? on the hud for gm help to. Don't use the ? for small talk!
- Show respect to a gm
- Always respond a gm
- Never do other things when a gm is OOC and talking with you.
- Players with ooc issues should go to noncombative mode to avoid attacks while dealing with ooc issues and can leave when a gm is finished.
- GM´s decisions are final

- XP Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play, and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
- If you must go AFK for a short period (5 to 10 minutes) then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off which stops you from earning experience. IF you will be gone for a longer period it is better to log out, especially if the sim is near capacity!!
- You must respond a GM if they ask you something. Don't idle on a roof or underwater.
- RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be RPing or doing COLA related things for an extended period then please turn your CCS off otherwise we consider it as camping.

- No flying, don't use fly enhancers
- No jump enhancers. Don't jump over the skymall walls,
- Don't walk true walls and no walk enhancers.
- No vehicles, only horse.
- You can only use our teleport system.
- Don't use a prim to move to another position

- No guns. (Melee, knife and bow are allowed)
- Only one enhanced weapon is allowed , two of them count as stacking.
- If you are not sure if your weapon is allowed, please ask a person around you or contact a GM.
- Only CCS approved weapons are allowed
- No weapons with strange movements to another position.
- No Caging No Orbiting No Grief tools, we send abuse to LL.
- No Illegal weapons:

- No teleporting into or out of combat.
- Don't attack people on a heal/ wounded or revive ball. Please stand if you are full.
- You are not allowed to move while being defeated.
- You can look in houses who are available for rent. Its forbidden to go in in rented houses. Only tenants and partner can go in there house. You can go in houses with roleplay when someone is there with meter on or ask ooc. Arena, skymall, tavern and the catedral are public places so feel free to use.
- No RP true IM or voice!
- Crashed player have to wait for 5 minutes in noncombative mode until they can enter the roleplay again and have to shout (CRASH) or (CRASHED) when back online and shout (READY) after 5 minutes.
- Rezzing player have to shout (REZZ) and shout (READY) when he is fully rezzed and ready for spar or rp.
- There is no capture time limit on this sim. If you do not want to do the rp you have to call FTB , but for a good reason !
- You are forced to wear bindings if the captor do roleplay it , if you do not have them just ask someone.
- It is not allowed to use any of your skills while being in bindings.
- Defeating someone in bindings is allowed as long as the captive do actions like shouting for help .(( Remember being defeated do not means being killed ))
- You are allowed to release your self from bindings with 3 full lines of realistic rp in open chat. If no one do interrupt you while that you are free to escape.
- Autorevived player are allowed to enter the rp or battle immediately and they can be attacked only for a capture reason.
- Don't be in the middle of the arena if you don't fight. Please go to border.
- Arena is mend for fight not as dance place.
- OOC issues should be discussed in IM true players or in local chat with GM.

- Detach
teleport systems
particles / Poofers
lights / glow
shields (non ccs)
lagy cloth
lagy attachments
Translators if not needed
Avatar rendering costs as below:
Visators have to be below 2000 avatar rendering costs.
Renters can have rendering costs higher then 2000 when we have no event.
(type CTRL ALT D to show/ hide advanced in menu bar. Then go to rendering/ then Info displays/ then avatar rendering costs. You will see a number above your head. This is the avatar rendering costs. Detach or change cloth/ attachments so the number is below showed as above. You can ask anyone around you what to do to make this lower. (Draw your weapon and don't wear a sheath saves a lot of rendering costs.)

- No spiders or insects
- Don't use to much gestures or music. Stop with gesturebating/ musicbating when people ask you to stop.

- The owner of the house/ property/ store is responsable for what other people place there.
- No huge prims or zero rezzers.
- No gambling or sploders.
- No shop decoration
- Don't use iritating light outside the house or store. The light must be IN the store or house.
- No shouting objects
- Don't sell stuff what another shop have.
- Renting a house is only for residential, not commercial and vs.
- No xstreet boxes or stuff like that!!
- Try to avoid things with many scripts.
- When the rent is over then others can rent. We return your stuff if you are in arrears.
- A small sign for the mainstore is allowed as long as you see the shop.
- Anything of you must be in your own store or house or temporary on the public places. Ask Yikes Lopez or Lukkina Barbosa for perm on public places.
- You can use 3 vendors with many scripts in it like the hippotech. Remember, commission vendors use many scripts!! Please turnoff hovertext on the side of the neighbour store. Smart hover text can be a solution.
- Rent a place here is fully automated but as you know, sl is bugy. If you pay the rent then you get a groupinvite for island of friends from Haven Penucca. If you accept then you get permission to place things. She send automaticly your stuff return when you are in arrears.
- The rent box shows your prim count. You can also touch the box to see your primcount and remaining time. Some houses or shops have a barrel and some have a box. Touch the barrel top or the small sign on the box to invite a partner. It is technicaly not posable to count all the prims if you rent on more places with more then 2 partners. You can ask Yikes Lopez for the primcount. I hope there will be a solution soon.
- Tier/ rental fees may change with the fluctuation of the market. We have no control over grid and CCS outages or downtimes. You will not be compensated for these inconveniences of course.
- Objects can have highres textures. Don't use highres textures only 512x512 or less. Becairful with to many transparant and glow or other effects. Many tree's and flowers are transparant and have 1024 textures. Builders use it in all the things, mosly fireplaces and furniture. Please check or ask Yikes Lopez before you want to buy. Go to this website to learn how to get texture info.
- We will reclaim the rental if you don't accept the rules. You get a warning first. When you get a warning and you are not online then the warning is for 24 hours, otherwise it have to be fixed within 1 hour. No money refund available!!!
- Please touch the box and choose "won't renew" when you stop renting.

Any time you feel uncomfortable with an RP you may withdraw, BUT YOU MUST LEAVE THE SIM !
Use the Fade To Black, go-noncom and leave the sim. Feel free to contact a GM if the RP needs to be discussed to make sure it does not go beyond Bloody Mary rules. By fading to Black you have taken yourself out of the RP and may not come back to that RP without approval from all involved.

We maintain the right to modify this covenant/ rules as needed. We send a note when we change it in the "Bloody Mary" and renter group. So please ask for a group invite to be up to date with the rules.

Contact a GM with your mother language for questions. Drop a notecard in the suggestions box near the teleports in the skymal

GMs of Bloody Mary:
Yikes Lopez GMA / Estate Owner (dutch, english)
Lukkina Barbosa GM / Estate Owner (dutch, a bit english)
Cinderela Bade GM (german/ english)
Gieske Godenot GM (dutch/ english/ german)
Mother Loon GM (dutch, english)
Sanzo Ansar GM (france, english)

Limited GMs of Bloody Mary
Yuriko Helendale LGM (japanese/ english)

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