Bentham Forest Rules

SIM Rules & Back Story - Bentham Isles South — Bentham Forest CCS Dark RP - English version 2.2


Please wear an Observer tag if you are not taking part in role play :) thank you ( click blue box in shack for tag )

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Back Story

Many moons ago, Bentham Forest, was a magical woodland shelter where faes, elves and other wonderous creatures once frolicked and played harmoneously. Then one day a great famine befell the once happy and lively forest. This famine killed off nearly all of the magical beings EXCEPT for a few of each kind. Now, overtime, the food, land and homes became EXTREMELY scarce, and the magical creatures began to fued relentlessly with each other. Due to food scarcity and the lack of homes and land to cultivate, the magical creatures fueding turned more and more violent, until even fewer remained. At this point the remaining inhabitants decided that Bentham Forest was but a dying land with very little of its former beauty remaining. Most things essential to everyday survival had died or was dying off as time went on. The remaining inhabitants slowly dwindled as they packed up and left, hoping one day to return and recolonize the now dark , foreboding landsape that is Bentham Forest. So that my dear friends is where we pick up today…..

Please wear an Observer tag if you are not taking part in role play :) thank you ( click blue box in shack for tag )


By rezzing and playing in Dracul - LEGION - Battle of the Races you are agreeing to abide by the Linden Labs Terms of Service Rules.


You are over the age of eighteen.

You are not offended by violence, adult language, or sexual content.

You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations

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AFK - Away from keyboard
RL - Real Life (Not really sure what this is)
CCS - Community Combat System
FTB - Fade to black
GM - Game Master
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play
Idling - Standing alone with your CCS Meter combative.

General Rules

The rules for flying are as follows.

  • Only Vampires, Angels, Demons and Sidhe are the races officially deemed as being able to fly as a natural ability.
  • Flying combat is only allowed with another race that can fly.
  • Your wings must be visible on your avatar.
  • While in flight you may not use any type of ranged weapon, or CCS Skills on another player that is on the ground or not able to fly because of their race.
  • You may not use flying to escape combat.
  • If your RP character is one that is able to fly, eg: Dragon, please IM Lauren Bentham for special approval to fly on the SIM.

Note : Flying is a trial only, if anyone abuses it, they will be banned from flying. It is meant to enhance role play and make a more realistic environment for your CCS Race's abilities.

2. No Camping/Idling.
If you go AFK, use /9off to go non combative.
If you fail to do this, and you are defeated, you may not complain to a GM.
If a GM gets an idle call, they will message you in local chat, wait 5 minutes, and if there is no response they will detach your CCS meter and give disciplinary action as necessary.


4. No child or cartoon avatars are allowed whatsoever, this is a dark RP SIM and is no place for a child or toon.

5. There is no safe zone except for the TP Point. The CCS meter Distribution Point is located here.

6. No vehicles are permitted to be rezzed.

7. No Bling, No Radars.

8. No excessive scripts attached to the avatar. SIM staff reserves the right to ask you to remove excessive scripts, or eject you for non compliance.
This rule is purely to limit the amount of lag on the SIM and your cooperation is appreciated.

9. If English is not your first language, please use a translator.

10. All houses and clan bases on the SIM are open access, RP entry is preferred if the building is occupied, but not required.
You must have an IC reason to be entering the building, or must be wearing an observer tag.

11. There must be RP before an attack, and after - ie: You must have an IC reason for attack.

12. No excessive gestures

13. No shields, anti-inspect or any other kind.

14. No Griefing.

15. A CCS meter is required to be worn if engaging in RP or combat.

16. No Godmoding or Metagaming. If you do not know what these terms mean, please ask in the SIM RP Group for a Mentor.

17. Please respect Bentham Forest STAFF, no matter their level. they are chosen for their expertise in CCS and a small level does not dictate a lack of knowledge.

Calling for help

The only acceptable methods to call for help in the Bentham Forest SIM are:

Shouting across the SIM for help.
For example /me cries out as they are attacked…"please help me someone, I am in the forest by the tree!!"

Sending a runner to go bring help back.
For example, if a player can make it to the area under the TP area alive, they can RP to bring people in for help.
The intention to run to get help must be RP'd in local chat so the other players have a chance to prevent it.
Once the runner makes it under the TP point area, they must leave the SIM to get help.
They can re-enter the RP on their return to Bentham Forest SIM
Once a RP or battle has started, a player may not TP out to avoid being killed.

We do not accept cellphones, sending birds to fly out to give messages or telepathy as legitimate methods of calling for help. Teleporting helpers directly into combat or aggressive RP is not allowed.

You may not call for help if you have already been CCS defeated.

FTB - Fading to Black

Fade to Black is to allow a player to leave a RP that they find disturbing or is totally against their personal RP Limits.
A FTB situation must be announced in local chat - ((FTB)) and a GM must be called to approve it.
A player may not FTB just to avoid RP after being defeated, or to avoid being defeated.
Players that abuse FTB will be disciplined.

The Arena and Healing.

There is revive and healing balls available in the Arena, and the crypt outside the graveyard
These healing devices may not be used during a battle, unless it is an NPC event.
The Arena is an IC area.

Defeat and Capture

If you are defeated, you may not move, you may still talk but must RP defeat.
If another player RP drags you to safety while you are defeated, then you are allowed to follow them.
A player can drag a defeated player in bindings to safety and release them, provided it is RP'd and the captive is not leashed.
To free a leashed captive, you must defeat the player who has them leashed.

If you natural revive, you must RP defeat.
If you are not captured or bound you may RP crawling away. If you go to a healing ball you are out of the RP completely.
If you use an offensive skill or continue with aggressive RP after naturally reviving, you become a target again.
If you are captured, you may not use any skills to aid yourself or others unless given permission in RP or in OOC IM.
If you have player captured and leashed, you may not continue with the battle, you can however defend your captive if someone tries to defeat you to free them.

Disciplinary Action for breaking rules

Fines for camping/Idling are:
First Offence - Meter Detached and warning.
Second Offence -1% of total XP deducted
Third Offence - 5% of total XP deducted 7 day SIM ban.
Fourth Offence - 10% of total XP deducted and Permanent SIM ban.

Any other rule breaking:
First Offence - Warning.
Second Offence -1% of total XP deducted
Third Offence - 5% of total XP deducted 7 day SIM ban.
Fourth Offence - 10% of total XP deducted and Permanent SIM ban.

All of these incidents will be logged on your player sheet. If the GM, or SIM Admin sees a record of repeated rule breaking on your sheet in other SIMs, it is at their discretion to take advice from a Global GM to increase the disciplinary action.

Most of all, remember RP is fun if we all communicate, if in doubt of another players intentions, feel free to IM them. Respects others RP limits.

If you have any issues or questions, please call one of our helpful GM's using the (?) button on your CCS HUD, or the main menu option.

GM List

Lauren Bentham (Owner & Admin GM)
P4NDOR4 Quintessa
kanpachi Rizooto
Josh1985 inglewood

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