Auroris Background

Auroris Background Sotry

The war between demons and angels, of which humans had remained unaware, had continued for over 3000 years. After the battle, the war fell to the angel's victory and demons were set to exhaust all their resources. However, demons devised a scheme to recover by directing their attention to the earth.

They generated a terrific explosion from the impact of "Lucifer's hammer" upon the underside of the earth's crust, releasing a vast amount of spiritual energy… giving great power, not only to demons, but all supernatural beings…

This explosion, as known as "The Disaster" to humans, resulted in a pole shift (shift of the earth's axis) and an unprecedented chaos arose. Most advanced nations decended into everlasting night land and turned into frozen wastelands. Some nations turned to incandescent lands with permanent daytime, and very few nations enjoyed the benefits of climate change… Humanity had lost power in an instant….They could not even start a war to struggle for land.

"Auroris" was one of beneficiary lands. The nights were lengthened greater than normal, but they found rich underground resources due to the cataclysm. The greed from the inhabitanst there, mainly the humans, led to the closure of Auroran borders to the outside world. Due to the charateristic of the human beings, many nations demand that Auroris to open its boundry for trading. With much pressure from outside, the humans decided to open a port in the city of Dread.

"Dread" is the only gateway of which Auroran inhabitants interact with outsiders. This land appeared far offshore of Auroris after the disaster, as a result of movement of the earth's crust. As this Dread was visited by many of the inhibitants, the land of Dread grow into a busy port city. They called it the land of opportunity as many companies
and criminal syndicates, even secret agents of other nations gathered in this small land to watch for a chance to gain profit from Auroris.

Not only underground resources surfaced, but also supiritual energiesdrawing all other races to the region to reap the benefits. The demons were secretly building their army in the core of this Dread City. The undead and the vampires had been awaken by the call of the night and frequently haunted the city to gain their home.

The angels from heaven had been sent down to Dread to destroy the demons and finish the eternal war. The supernatural, once again with their intelligence built an army and armour preparing themself for a greastest war. As greed conquered the human mind, cyborgs once more arose. They mechanized their body to gain the power to counter other races. The lycan once again in war with the neko to mark their existance in this land. While the Sidhe moved deep into the night forest waiting for the call of greastest war. Currently their powers are balanced, so Auroris is under a peaceful state, however Intrigues and secret strife are carried out in Dread City…

In the deepest night,when one walks alone in the corridor of city, the sound of army, the hollow of the wolfs, clashing of the armour sound, the shrieking voices and the singing of angel song and the shadow of the red eyes follows the path of one into the city.

The war of the greatest mind is about to start……

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