Mystical Sunrise Simrules

Rules for the aurora sim, version 2.0:

Mystical Sunrise Simrules

Read and understand these rules BEFORE engaging in Role Play (RP) within the SIM.
Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse for failing to adhere to them. In other words, don't say we didn't tell you. Ignorance is not a excuse….

If you experience any trouble, call for a GM on the Mystical Sunrise Community group chat or the page command located on the CCS HUD/Menu
If you require assistance or a GM is paged to a location that is considered in-play, please keep all OOC information and chatter to IM's only so that those around you may continue RP undisturbed.


The Mystical Sunrise Sim adopts the rules of the City of Lost Angel's (CoLA) with the exception of the rules as detailed below. In the case of a conflict of rules between CoLA and Mystical Sunrise, Mystical Sunrise rules shall govern. If Mystical Sunrise rules are silent on a topic, CoLA rules shall apply.

To read the CoLA rules, browse to:

These rules assume you have some knowledge of CCS and combat related roleplay such as CoLA, Toxia, etc. If something doesn't make sense, ask a GM or Sim Staff. Ignorance of the pertinent terms, concepts or rules will not excuse you from abiding by them. Please read the CoLA rules first before proceeding.


By rezzing and playing in Mystical Sunrise Sim you are agreeing to abide by the Linden Labs Terms of Service Rules.


You are over the age of eighteen.

You are not offended by violence, adult language, or sexual content.

You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.


Persons not over the age of eighteen are trespassing when they enter the Mystical Sunrise SIM and are legally liable for their own actions!
The owners of the Mystical Sunrise SIM defer ALL responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party.


CCS Meters are available for free at Mystical Sunrise. If you need help setting up your meter please contact any member of the Mystical Sunrise staff.
The use of CCS is encouraged to enhance your roleplay experience, though NOT required. You may roleplay within the Mystical Sunrise SIM with or without a CCS meter present, however you may NOT roleplay aggressively while not wearing a meter. This also includes roleplaying while non-combative.

If you are AFK you must type /9 off in open chat (or in clicking the off button in the CCS Meter menu) to turn your meter to Noncombative. Failure to do this could result in a charge of Camping (see Camping for XP section)

Removing and reattaching your CCS meter:
In order trick the CCS system into resetting your Hit Points (HP) and Stamina is not allowed under any circumstances. If you are sparring or training and you die, you must still use player healers, heal balls or time to regain these stats.

Removing your CCS meter or going "Noncom" after a battle in an attempt to avoid that battle is not permitted. (See rule #9 below)


Observer's Tags are available for free at Mystical Sunrise below the Sim rules.
Observers are welcome in the Mystical Sunrise Sim to test the waters and see if this type of RP is right for them. The sole purpose of the observers tag is to allow the player to evaluate the sim at their leisure. While they are evaluating the sim, they are not required to wear a CCS meter, but are required to wear the observer's tag if they wish to continue. The tag is used as a signal to all players that they are not actually present in or during any roleplay taking place. Observers may not interact with other players except through IM or infrequent use of OOC chat (within brackets). Observer status is temporary, and if a player or GM suspects you of taking advantage of this status in order to spy, grief, or other illegal activities you may be asked to leave, or banned.


Child avatars are allowed in the Mystical Sunrise SIM IF and ONLY after approval by the Sim owners, staff, or administration. You must be aged to a minimum of 18 years of age and act accordingly until you are approved, no exceptions.
ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUAL/BDSM CONTENT WILL BE TOLERATED WITH REGARD TO CHILD AVATARS. Any players engaging in sexual age play will face an immediate ban from the Mystical Sunrise Sim, with the possibility of further action strongly considered. This type of behavior is against SL ToS as mentioned below

Child av's can carry weapons, and be defeated as well if they attack you, but you can’t involve BDSM or Torture in your RP with them. You can tie them to a tree and disarm them, you can also hand them over to the "authorities" for questioning. When in doubt err on the side of caution.


Players may use horse mounts that attach to the person, you may not under any circumstances rez a vehicle of any kind.


Strictly defined as going AFK for longer than 10 minutes. If you are away for longer than 10 minutes, you need to use "/9 off" to go noncombative.

If a GM talks to you and you do not answer, he or she will wait 10 minutes and try to talk to you again, if you still do not answer, it is considered as camping and the punishment will be given as such.

This rule extends to all in-play and out-of-play areas within, under, over and inside the sim. (Therefore, you cannot XP Camp inside your private skybox or sitting on a prim thousands of meters in the sky or under the ocean or wherever).

Bottom line, you can't do it. Period.

Fines for XP Camping are:

First Offense - 500 XP
Second Offense - 2000 XP
Third Offense - 10000 XP and Sim banned

Please Note: If your above Level 11, you will be docked more and how much more is up to the GM catching you (can be up to 15-20K even). the assumption is that you're 11 and you have been here a while and you should know better.. Also your XP dock may double if your in a double XP time frame. If you're caught manipulating the Meter in an illegally way you will be docked your entire XP.
Camping is not tolerated on any level, period. NO exceptions.


It is forbidden to use any form of Jump or Movement Enhancer or grappling Hooks during combat. Jump enhancers are only ok to explore, not to cause mischief or to create a combat advantage.
Motion enhancers involving the ability to TP to camera or go non-physical are not allowed at all.


All land that is public accessible is in-play land.
PRIVATE TELEPORTERS / SKYBOXES any structure under 300m is considered In Play, and must therefore be accessible. Skyboxes below 300m must be accessible by public teleporters. You are subject to Sim RP in In Play skyboxes i.e if you attack someone and run to a skybox, they have every right to follow you and continue the RP in your skybox. A landowner may place a private skybox between 300 and 350 m. Teleporters to a private skybox may have restricted access. Role Play is optional in private skyboxes, but strongly encouraged. Public and Private skyboxes are subject to Mystical Sunrise Sim rules, and therefore will be periodically checked by GM's.


Private land owners may lock their doors for up to three continuous hours. Areas behind locked doors are off limits to RP while they are locked. This does not include GM, trying to contact you. (see also rule 8. below)


If you don't want to role play with someone, what do you do? Follow these three steps and you'll be fine.

1. Contact that person in IM (remember that IM is always OOC so be polite and no insults) and explain the situation. You will need to have a GOOD reason to avoid RP.

2. If the other party does not comply with your wish and continues with the RP, call a GM.

3. Don't leave the location or otherwise you'll not be able to solve the situation. Teleporting out of sim during a Role Play has consequences like warnings by a GM or XP dock and bann.

Call a GM and wait for their instructions on how to handle the situation.


Mystical Sunrise strongly encourages cross-sim interactions. Factions from other CCS-enabled sims are welcome to enter Imagination for RP and combat.

Factions may stay in Mystical Sunrise anywhere in the in-play areas and designate an area to concentrate.

Factions may recruit in Mystical Sunrise.


Public Heal Balls are located in Mystical Sunrise in areas such as the arena and may be used by all to heal.

Private Heal Poses are only allowed in OOC space … NOT during IC combat. Rezzing a personal healer in an In Play area is not allowed.

IC healing may ONLY be by Public Heal Balls, player healers or naturally (i.e., over time).

If you leave a fight to use Public Heal Balls, you cannot return to that fight. You can however join another fight somewhere else and you can defend if you are attacked.

You cannot use a Public Heal Ball while being attacked. If you do use a Public Heal Ball during an attack, your attacker may continue to attack.



*To take advantage of this feature you must shout ((Natural Revive)) if you don't you are a target.
*Once you broadcast your revive status you must move away from the area within a reasonable amount of time (lag considered), if you don't you are a target.
*Natural revive takes you out of battle for 10 minutes from the time you announce it, during that time the following things ARE allowed:
*continue any roleplay, including but not limited to capture
*self healing abilities, including *Kat-AR* Potions HUD Heal or Stam ONLY
Being raised by another player is not subject to the 10 minute out rule, you are immediately a target.


Mystical Sunrise is set in medieval middle Europe, during a time of great magic, therefore the possibility of pistols and shotguns coming into the sim through time travel or rift walking is permissable under the following guidelines.
Pistols and Shotguns are the ONLY guns allowed.

We allow 2 weapons in total per AV only. The following Combinations are the allowed in Mystical Sunrise

1) 2 Melee Weapons, one in each hand (dual wield)
2) No rifles, No Lasers, No rocket Launchers, No Explosives. No sniper guns
3) No enhanced weapons EXCEPT in the case of melee weapons i.e. swords, knives, dagger, bows, etc.
4) Mechanical weapons such as guns will be allowed to the limit of pistols and shotguns. While we recognize time travel we would also like to keep the sim in an attempt to maintain the medieval theme of the sim as much as possible. No freebie guns will be allowed. Only CCS approved handguns and shotguns will be allowed.

Melee Animation is defined as Fists of fury, Mollyblades, fist fighter, Epee, DCS fighter etc

Any violation of this or attempt to wear hidden HUDs will result in severe penalties

Mystical Sunrise is a Medieval SIM, though we try to offer some leniency, the time era does prohibit the use of some weapons and/or guns.
As of right now the only aproved guns are Shotguns or pistols. Absolutely no sniper guns. If you have a question regarding a weapon or need approval, contact DJNight Fhang.


Godmodding is the unrealistic reaction to an action or taking over the actions and reactions of another player.
Example: Dj walks into a bar, sees Kaneda and walks up to him. With no provocation Dj swings at Kaneda hitting him square in the nose. From the side Dany sees the punch and watches as Kaneda reels from the punch his nose now bleeding."


NO CCS combat event, either between individuals or groups, may last longer than one hour.
Mystical Sunrise is a ROLEPLAY environment first and foremost.
Because we aim to encourage roleplay first and foremost, there is a limit of 40 people max for ccs battles, 20 per side. Calls for help must be roleplayed, see rule break down #4 below.

At the end of the one hour, defeated people who were RP bound during the battle and made prisoner are still prisoner and at the mercy of their victors. Victors may not hurridly add more prisoners to their pile AFTER the hour has been called by the GM.


If you have a leash in hand of a captive and you are attacked, you MUST release the leash before engaging in combat. Dragging a captive by the leash feature while also fighting is prohibited.


Aside from currently listed limits in your profile, or otherwise agreed upon RP by the parties involved, you are at the mercy of the victor. If the RP becomes a problem at any point, ALWAYS politely IM the person(s) involved first, if at that point nothing can be resolved then call a GM.

REZZING INTO Mystical Sunrise SIM

You may find yourself rezzing into Mystical Sunrise and because of lag it takes quite a while. To prevent yourself from becoming a target you must do BOTH of TWO things:

1. Shout ((Rezzing))


If you say ((Rezzing)) and you move, you have become a target.

If you don't say ((Rezzing)) and you don't move, you are still a target.

So do both things and you shouldn't have a problem. When you have rezzed to your satisfaction you can:

1. Say ((Ready))

2) Simply move.

It is illegal to prepare for CCS combat while in this rezzing mode, i.e., you may not set up CCS skills to target someone, camera around, reload guns, etc.


If you crash while in Mystical Sunrise and you are not in CCS combat, no problem. Just relog and continue where you left off.

For Combat RP's : If you crash while in the middle of combat and you choose to relog, you MUST go noncombative and stay away from fighting completely. It will help if you shout "((I crashed so going noncom and out of the fight))" or something similar. While in a noncom state, you may not spy or otherwise engage in any RP or group IM. In this state you are basically an observer for the duration of the fight.


We encourage free form roleplay, including but not limited to para-rp, but please keep it reasonable, if it takes more then one post to describe your action break it down a bit and allow others the oppertunity to respond. Posting multiple times/actions before others have a chance to respond is considered godmoding. This includes paragraph posts and "one-liners" spamming either way in order to gain an advantage on your opponent is prohibited.

~Join the Mystical Sunrise Community group to receive up to date notifications ~



You are entering a private CCS enabled Sim under the Mystical Sunrise SIM rules and GM control, The Mystical Sunrise Sim is designed for enriched ROLE PLAY enhanced with combat.
If you wish to engage in (OCC) Out Of Character insults, harassment or griefing you are in the wrong place. We are trying to create a free form RP environment, we ask that you respect each other and the role play environment to help preserve the freedom provided.


Absolutely no attacks on others without valid role play either before or after combat.
The intent or attack must be role played and be ready with the reason if asked.
(it should be apparent)
This means you must provide proper roleplay of your intentions.
EXAMPLE A ::Pinky glares at Brain with malicious intent, sliding his hand to his blade as he waits for the perfect moment to strike::
Yes, this is a DARK ROLE PLAY environment, that is no excuse for lazy RP.
You want to RP a half crazed loose cannon, have fun with it, RP it to it's fullest potential.
EXAMPLE B ::Brain's left eye twitches as he hears a taunting voice in his head telling him to kill everyone and take over the world. His eyes dart across the street wildly as he calculates who to attack first:: A post such as example B, not only gives those around you the oppertunity to RP and react, it also gives a valid RP that you can and will start attacking at random.
Role play limits and the right to pass role play must be respected.
If you wish to pass role play and combat try to IM that to the opposing party.
You can only inflict death or permanent injury with the consent of the other party and furthermore, GM aproval.
Trying to do this without consent is Godmodding.

3. No Godmodding, that is using methods to make yourself unbeatable in combat, like role play "I put on unbreakable armor" or in combat drag your defeated self to a hospital heal or detach or reset your CCS in a manner to avoid defeat in combat.


Calling for help after defeat or capture in IM or Group chat is a form of Godmodding, and is FORBIDDEN.
You may use face to face interactions for help, this includes if you are able to RP running away be it to an in sim location or out of sim.
Be realistic people, calling for help, needs to be (1) Obvious and (2) preventable in some fashion.
Again, this is a medieval Sim, I don't want to see anyone using a comm unit or any other futeristic tech equipment. You can for example: attatch a letter to a hawk and send it to deliver your plea for help.

5. No metagaming,

is using the things your IC character could not know like reading character name tags or the clan tags or personal profiles or anything your character would not know on his own or find out IC to attempt to gain an advantage in the game.
If you wish to roleplay an ability in order to gain knowledge of someone, IE.: mind-reading, delving auras, ect please contact the person via IM and clear the action with them beforehand.

6. The main chat is always considered IC any OOC chatter,

should be refrained and used with the (( )) or [[ ]] or a occ text tool to show it is occ chatter. Do not use the OCC around serious role play ongoing it polutes the play, use IM or leave the area, try to keep the OCC chatter to a minimum and the same for the gestures.
Interuption of roleplay is prohibited, including but not limited to exxessive gesture use. If you are found to be disrupting RP, you may be asked to leave.

7. Captures are permitted

to enhance the dark role play but the profile limits must be respected, all negotiation or communication regarding the capture and the limits of the capture and its duration if any must be done in IM between the partys involved. But if you have pass the torture 30 mins capture as limits and you win a combat and try to torture someone else is not permitted. You too are bound by your own limits. Be adult not to bring problems regarding capture and limit public, degrading someone for having limits in public is the same as a out of charactor insult. Fade to black is respected but not abused, role play the end and or request the capture conclusion continue later.
Limits are to be used lightly, they are designed to avoid uncomfortable situations when a player is OOC'ly bothered by certain situations IE:Rape, torture. etc.
However this is a DARK ROLEPLAY environment, and abusing the use of limits in an attempt to godmode is prohibited.

8.Private houses and castles must be respected in this sim,

All Door are Assumed role
Play locked or barred and can be only be attacked by role play if agreed on by the citizen or a clan member of that citizen, Sudden home invasions and castle sieges without proper role play is considered invalid and not permitted. All public areas are IC and if wearing a CCS active you can be attacked at any time for an IC reason. Renters if you wear a CCS you are telling the world you are open to CCS combat at any time, if not wish to role play or CCS due to OCC or IMs, you are required to go noncombative.


This is allowed on the following conditions, if found to be exploited, we will remove it completly, so listen up!
*You must arive in the Mystical Sunrise SIM as noncom, or set the status BEFORE leaving any safe zones.
*You cannot help nor impede in any fights while noncom, this includes taking or freeing captives.
*While we encourage the environment of free form role play, it is neccessary that while you are NON-COM you do NOT engage in aggressive RP. Exploiting this feature to throw insults and avoid a fight that would normally take place if you were actively combative is forbidden.

10. Never argue with the GM ever,

thier ruling is absolute or they would not be a GM, all warnings or sanction should be taken in good sportmanship. If you begin to argue it is not about the game problem now it is disrespecting a GM subject to immediate
ejection Ban and dock of XP, and forwarding the ruling to the CCS team.

All Questions and concerns if any will be directed towards Mystical Sunrise Admins

Thank you for visiting Mystical Sunrise, we hope you enjoy your roleplay experiance her

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