Approved Weapons Crossroads

Approved Weapons

Version 2008/04/14

Unless listed below melee weapons in general are ok to use as long as they have animations to show you attacking (or you have something else that animates you). All melee damage is controlled by the CCS system.

Recommended Melee Weapons Dealers
Bitter thorns
Samurai Island
Crazy Coyote
Voss Gear
Siege Guild

Guns/Ranged weapons:
For now we only allow bows and throw weapons like daggers as well as a series of guns fitting in the time period of the sim designed by Delta Project. They are very balanced as well as CCS enhanced. The weapons are available in out mall.

All other ranged weapons need to be approved by sim staff.

Recommended Ranged Weapons Dealers
+ STONE KEEP + )( ~ Azora* ~
Arcane Armory
Chronoforge 4D
Delta Project
Siege Guild

Banned Weapons

1) Melee:
The following melee weapons are banned.
!!AV* the black Predator Claws "bloodbath" - it has a special attack mode that pushes.

2) Guns:
All modern guns are banned from the sim for now. We will offer a very priceable weaopn pack for you soon.

3) Weapon Systems:
These are HUD, Bots and other devices that can be used for combat. Most are not designed for realistic combat and/or use a lot of prims or laggy particle effects. The below list is not comprehensive but should give you an idea if your device is permitted. If it pushes, nukes, orbits, buries in the earth, mass kills, cages and so forth then its is not legal.
!!Force Prophecies
!!Eye of Horus
!!Loki Reaper of Souls
!!Nasty HUD
!!Souls of the Damned
!!Apocalypse HUD
Cagers/Orbiters/Explosives/Mass killing weapons
*CCS Approved Compatible explosive devices ARE allowed, but they must be previous approved by the sim administrator.

4) Other Devices:
These are not weapons but devices that rez a lot of prims or use a lot of scripting.
No shields of any type are allowed.
*AV scanners:
Whether on their own or part of a multi-tool (eg. multi-gadget, MystiTool, etc.), these are banned due to the lag they cause.
Any that is set to follow your AV uses up a lot of resources. For a brief period as part of an RP the use of a follower is okay. Constant use just because it is cool is forbidden.

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