Apetra Rules

Apetra Rules
Welcome to City of Apetra
Apetra City CCS combat mature roleplay

This is a mature combat sim , we need to laugh and have fun we are all adults i guess so no need cries and baby sitting -

Rules are maden by us with cold heart for the reason that few of us cant understand the word fair game - fair game and a fair play are able make all of us have great fun and away from problems !

WE DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE ASSHOLES as suz said , but also we have the right to have fun SO HAVE FUN BY PLAYING FAIR

FUN-LAUGH-GOOD TIME are these we looking for ,
City of Apetra no looking for policemans and cries , coz our spare time is valuable to spend it by trying teach ppl how is when they laughing !!

-Is an english speaking sim it is your responsibility to wear a translator.in any other language than English this is grounds for immediate removal from the sim.
By entering to Apetra you agreeing that you are over the age of 18
- You are not offended by violence, adult language, or sexual content.
By rezzing and playing in theApetra Sim you are agreeing to abide by the Linden Labs Terms of Service Rules.
-You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations

So we ask you to do the following to keep the zone lag free:
Remove all unnecessary scripted items, such as dance bracelets
Turn off all bling, sparkles, eye effects
Turn off scanners- scanners are not allowed on the sim. No form of tracking, locating, or Radar device can be used. These take away from RP and could result in a ban from the sim

2) CHILD AVATARS: Not allowed ,We are a Mature RP sim
- This means that you are not allowed to use a Child's Avatar or you will be forced to leave the sim immediately!
- Also minimum height of an avatar 5 feet

3) VEHICLES/FLYING:Not allowed
-Do not rez cars or other vehicles in the city.
-Do not use flight defeating gadgets in the sim.

4) GESTURES/SOUNDS: Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.
-DO NOT use gesture during battle

5) OOC/IC: Above 200meters is OOC area (Mall skyboxes) !
- If you use OOC conversation too much, you may first receive a warning from a GM. If a second warning is required, expect it to be accompanied by some form of discipline.
Instant Messages (IM's) are ALWAYS considered OOC. With this in mind, be aware that OOC insults are strictly forbidden.
- OOC (out of character)always speaking ((in brackets)) or some other device that clearly shows that you are not talking IC.
- Insulting, argumentative or those made in anger, stated OOC to other members of this community are completely PROHIBITED. If you have an issue that you feel requires the intervention of a mediator, contact a member of the Apetra GM Team.
- Players with ooc issues should go to noncombative

6) CCS METER: Your CCS Meter must be visible and readable at all times.
- Meter ON -you are target
-Strictly defined as going AFK for longer than 10 minutes. If you are away for longer than 10 minutes, you need to use "/9 off" to go noncombative.
-If a GM talks to you and you do not answer, he or she will wait 10 minutes and try to talk to you again, if you still do not answer, it is considered as camping and the punishment will be given as such.

7) SHOUTING:Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role play. OOC shouting is prohibited in the sim.

8) JUMP / MOVEMENT ENHANCERS It is forbidden to use any form of Jump or Movement Enhancer or grappling Hooks , to chase after someone, to follow someone, to flee someone, to spy on someone, to taunt someone,
-Motion enhancers involving the ability to TP to camera or go non-physical are not allowed at all

9) FTB: Fade to Black is an RP tool that allows someone who is uncomfortable with an EXTREME AND TRAUMATIC RP to no longer participate by stating "Fade to black".
-Once you Fade to Black you must leave the scene and not participate with the same person or party for the next 24 hours. After that you must leave the sim !

10) WEAPONS: Only CCS approved weapons are allowed on this sim. In addition to this we do not allow futuristic weaponry or guns. No orbiting
or caging.
-Two enchanced weapons NOT allowed

11)VENDORS:No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the city without ADMIN/MANAGEMENT approval. Contact the Management Staff for information on the availability of vendor space in Apetra.

12)Bloodlines Meter/Hud
Bloodlines meters/huds are banned CCS Wide due to multiple issues and problems caused by them. If you are wearing one of these, please remove it as soon as you enter the sim, and keep it off for the duration of the time you are here. If you are seen wearing it you will be asked to remove it. Refusal to do so will result in a ban from the sim.

13) The GM staff is here to help you. Treat them with the respect. If you are unable to treat the GM Staff respectfully, you will be given a 24 hour cool down period (24 hour sim ban) after which you may come back to the sim and restate your case.

14) Clans/Factions
Only Apetra clans and factions are permitted to recruit on the sim. No other factions can actively recruit members.

15) PROMOTIONS: Do not use any promotion objects in the RP area without an administrator approve it !

A GM has the right to ban for reasons they feel are just cause. Any bans can be discussed but most decisions are final.

Any questions contact a GM

All bans may be disputed or appealed, but do not go outside this sim for the dispute. globals will not become involved as each sim has thier own rules run with CCS guidelines. The globals are way to busy with important issues to be concerned over whining of banned people. To dispute a ban you must go thru Sim owners:

If you are banned for violating these rules you can only contact the sim owner if you feel the ban was unjust or abusive. Trying to get your ban lifted by contacting various GMs will only get your ban time increased.

play fair game and all will have fun !

DOCKING: Dock someone is not the solution for the problem ! Just will be a reason to create more problems! Keep this in your mind and noone will be sad PLAY FAIR !
DOCK will be the last thing we will do -but sometimes we cant avoid it !
OOC INSULTS minimum punisment 10%xp without warn ! IM insults can be higher …………

DOUBLE XP DAYS: ………………………………………………u dont want that i guess!

You always can contact to any of our staff , thank you very much !

Apetra staff:

Willow Loopen(owner)
Hercules Copperfield (administrator)

florcita Cuttita
Eleni Bogdanovich
Shania Humphreys
Dobias Oanomochi
xaris Zarco
Candy Kew
Candy Aulder

Thank you for visiting Apetra
We hope that you will enjoy your stay!

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