Adamant - Tank Class Passive:

Adamant is a level 0 skill that all tanks receive as part of their class, it does absolutely nothing active, as stated it is a passive skill

Adamant basically directly increases the amount of melee and skill damage a tank puts out directly in relation to how much damage they have personally taken. Going from stages of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Tanks move from 1x Damage Modifier to 2x Damage Modifier at near death, putting their damage output on par with a DPS class when they've absorbed almost as much punishment as they can possibly take.

Healers and Tanks may wish to work this mechanic together, allowing the tanks damage to increase, then using heals to keep them within a certain damage range, this strengthens the bond between healers and tanks to a certain degree, allowing for a combined tactical approach which makes both the healer and the tank a potent and threatening team.

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