Name Abyssos - The Forest of Life
Owner Ikanaria Merlin, Falcon Kaligawa
Theme ABYSSOS - The Forest of Life - CCS ROLEPLAY SIM
XP Tick 8
Rules ABYSSOS Rules
Chain Abyssos
Location http://slurl.com/secondlife/Abyssos/60/66/678
Neighbours Twilight Zone
Resident group +Abyssos Citizen+

Back Story:

Abyssos is a forest lush in magical greeneries, which has held some of our hearts nearer on most of its stupendous metamorphosis with sorceries and mystical creatures. The natural waterfalls carries it tales of many secrets and occasionally, at the extremity of the vista, as you venture deep into Abyssos, a brief view of sprites is seen playing about, its luminescent glows that surrounds their tiny figures spinning around the trees, before it speeds off to a stream nearby and splashes into a pool of white froths.

Sadly, this harmonious asylum has been short lived by a horde of invaders whom arrived at Abyssos and had driven these mystical creatures to a near extinction. Those who were fortunate enough to escape from the evil grasp of these invaders had escaped and immigrated to a land far away but to most of its inhabitants, there were perished from the face of the earth; with their furs or body parts that were used as barter trade for their own greed. They had kept an old sea dragon in captive by the base of the Arena and is used for their own personal entertainment, while the sea dragon slowly died of neglect and its fossilized remains are seen thru the glass floor to this day.

As hundreds of years have passed, the hordes left and new visitors came to make this forest a home and hunted the remaining mystical creatures that had never left the forest. These new visitors were different from the hordes of Orcs, they were many in various races of human, lycan, neko, sidhe and so on. This has angered the Abyssosnian natives even further with such abuse over the years and has evolved from a harmless and peaceful creature into predatory monsters.
Well hidden within the forestry, they sometimes appear in sight, seeking vengeance….

Last checked: 18th Mar 2012

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