CCS Enabled Sim Chains

This is a list of CCS Enabled Sims and Sim chains. Our goal is to make a comprehensive CCS travel guide. It also gives help in following the local sim rules.

Sim chains (multiple connected sims) are shown below in bold. The number in brackets is the number of sims in the chain. The non bolded items are stand-alone sims. Click here to see a complete list of all the CCS sims we have found so far.

Right now, there are 163 active CCS sims in total within Second Life.

If you are interested in seeing the latest changes, check out our NEWS Section,

We would really appreciate your help in keeping this list up to date. If you know of a CCS sim that's missing from our list, or if you find any mistakes, please drop either a notecard and/or LM in world to Nadine NozakiNadine Nozaki, Moana RaynaMoana Rayna or alianatha brezoianualianatha brezoianu. or even better, join the site and make the changes yourself

CCS is a roleplaying system for Second Life. CCS was developed for City of Lost Angels and has spread to other sims as well. CCS was designed by Suzanna Soyinka. You can find more about CCS on the CoLA and CCS web-site. You can also click here for some information about Sim Stats.

This list can also be very useful if you need to appeal against a GM's decision. It shows you the sim owner, which allows you to follow the CCS appeal order. CCS Global rules vs. Sim rules.

The Cola Wiki also has a list.

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